How to rent a car from Autolevi?

Autolevi offers an easy-to-use and a trusted platform to share cars. You can rent a car when and where youread more

Coronavirus and car sharing

Autolevi has more than 30 000 users and over 2200 vehicles across Estonia, Latvia, and Finland. This makes us theread more

Autolevi’s new insurance coverage

We are stoked to announce that we have launched Autolevi’s insurance in collaboration with If Insurance. The new casco insuranceread more

Tips for delivering 5-star rentals

Autolevi’s renters choose cars not only based on the vehicle’s features, but reading the reviews previous users have left, responseread more

How to get more views and rentals for you car?

It’s essential to keep your car’s profile up-to-date. It’s even more relevant in the summer and holiday period because theread more

How to prepare your car for the winter

October has already shown its first frost and several months of living below zero are waiting for us. Since theread more

What you should check on your car before fall?

What you should check on your car before fall? Night frosts are here and road conditions can change every more

How to make a reservation in Autolevi platform?

In this post we will describe how to make a reservation on the Autolevi website. Autolevi is continuously improving toread more

How to rent out your car on Autolevi?

How to list your car on Autolevi and start earning money? This is a step-by-step guide on how to doread more

What to do when you get pulled over by the police

You are driving on a highway, when suddenly your attention is caught by police sirens. All at once you areread more

TOP 3 most breathtaking destinations in Estonia

Finally there is a slight hope that at the end of this week summer will arrive to Estonia. If youread more

How do speedtraps work and how is the violation proceed?

Speedcameras in Finland. Source:   There are a total of some 955 speedtrap boxes on the roads and highways ofread more

Are pets allowed in an Autolevi car?

Pets in a rental car? No worries! You can easily filter cars from our search engine to see all theread more

Autolevi crowdfunded 225 000 euros

Estonian based peer-to-peer car sharing platform Autolevi crowdfunded 225 000 euros through Funderbeam syndicate to expand their platform in more

7 roadtrip playlists for every mood

  If you’re a Spotify user, you know that one of its best features are playlists from different genres andread more

5 reasons why you should start renting out your car today

Having a personal car is comfortable and makes life easier, but it is also quite expensive. Owning a car isread more

Choose how long rentals you want to receive

There are different people and different car usage habits – someone uses the car just in weekends and can rentread more

Autolevi has reached 10 000 users

Hooray! We are happy to announce that Autolevi are using already more than 10 000 users all across the more

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range

Electric cars has been a very hot topic during past couple of years. Governments all across the world are encouragingread more

8 things that influence the rental price of your car

It is often hard to be completely objective and determine the rental price for your car just as it shouldread more

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