Car`s smart GPS device

In Forus Autolevi, renting out your car without actually meeting the renter is possible. It`s possible thanks to the car`s smart GPS device. We assure you that your car is used prudently because, in case of any sudden braking, high acceleration, or exceeding the speed limit, you will receive instant notification. This makes the carsharing even more comfortable and safe.

The smart device allows you to confirm bookings on time while you are away from your car or out of town. You have a live overview of fuel level, mileage, and when your car is taken and returned. Like this, you increase your car`s profit regardless of your location or free time.

What does this car`s smart device allow?

  • Open and close doors from a distance – you can use your car even as a personal parcel machine when it`s not in the drive.
  • You have a live overview of fuel level and mileage.
  • The notifications of every sudden braking, high acceleration, or exceeding the speed limit will come to your mobile.
  • You can see your car`s live location.
  • It allows you to compose reports of your car`s usage quickly.

How to make it a reality for you? Let us know of your interest!

  • We will arrange a smart device installation time.
  • CarCops`s technician will come to your car and install the device (only in Tallinn).

Within Tallinn and Tartu, the installation fee is 59€/per car, and the monthly fee is 9,49€/per car. Prices include VAT. The installation typically takes one hour, and the device starts to function immediately. The installation fee in other towns depends on different car workshop`s price lists. We present the invoice after the installation is done.

If you’re interested in this smart device, please contact us at

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