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Every driving license owner knows that having car insurance is essential.

Autolevi offers all its users peace of mind – our service is easy-to-use and you’re protected by our insurance. Created in collaboration with If Insurance, Autolevi’s insurance applies to all cars and vans rented from our web platform. For motorcycles and trailers, deductible applies. Autolevi’s insurance is affordable and all documents are automatically generated for you. It is the only insurance that covers car sharing in Estonia.


Autolevi’s insurance is pay-by-day based and applies to all car rentals made on our web platform. Choose the insurance that suits your needs best from three options: 3 €/day with a 1000 € deductible or 5 €/day with a 500 € deductible and 9 €/day with a 100 € deductible. Insurance will not be applied for cars that are older than 20 years. Older cars than 20 years will be applying 1000 € deductible.

There is no deductible in case of wild animal damage.

Insurance policy documents are automatically generated for you by Autolevi’s platform. Policy will be sent to you via e-mail by the next working day after your rental payment. Insurance is valid from receiving car keys until returning the car in time. All Autolevi’s documents are available online and printing out rental agreement and insurance policy is not needed.

Please take photos or record a video of your shared vehicle before and after the rental in order to avoid any possible disputes afterwards.

Learn from Autolevi’s blogs how to rent a car – there are over 2200 vehicles to choose from.

Car Owners

Autolevi’s insurance applies to all cars and vans rented from our platform. Motorcycles and trailers are covered by renter’s deductible.

Thanks to Autolevi’s insurance, the insurance policy owner is the renter. Therefore your monthly insurance fee will not rise in case of accident caused by the renter. Cost of the insurance is always the same for the renter as well.

Insurance is valid from handing over car keys until receiving the car in time. Please take photos or record a video of your shared vehicle before and after the rental in order to avoid any possible disputes afterwards.

If your car already has a rental car liability insurance, adding Autolevi’s insurance is not needed. However, Autolevi’s insurance gives you, as a car owner, a chance to cancel your rental car insurance and use the one included in Autolevi’s services, for free.

Reporting Damage

1. If you discover that vehicles has been damaged during the rental, you must report it immediately to the owner of the car and Autolevi’s customer service, providing photos of the car before the rental and after the damage occurred.

2. Car owner have to fill insurance claim If Insurance. Car owner must turn to a repair shop ceritified by Autolevi’s insurance partner If at their earliest convenience. You can find the repair shop nearest to you by using search engine on If’s website – there’s a wide range of repair shops to choose from. In the workshop, ask them to file damage assessment to If Insurance.

3. If the car is damaged during the rental period, then the renter must pay the deductible to the Autolevi bank account within 3 days after the accident. If repair costs are less than the deductible, then Autolevi returns the remaining part of the deductible.

    Account holder name: Autolevi OÜ

    Account number: EE467700771001921682


    Amount: the deductible you choose in booking EUR

    Description: Booking ID deductible


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