Rent great cars from people nearby

Autolevi offers an easy-to-use and a trusted way to share cars from peer to peer. You can rent a car when and where you need it. Or start earning an extra income if you already own a vehicle!

You’ll find cars to rent for the holidays, moving, lots of hobby vehicles and also wedding cars.

There are over 30 000 users in Autolevi’s car sharing community and more than 2200 vehicles in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

Autolevi is the biggest car sharing platform in the region.

Tauri Kärson founder of Autolevi

Our story

Autolevi was founded in 2013 and quickly gained recognition as one of the TOP 12 start-ups from Estonia. The idea sprouted when the company’s founder Tauri Kärson was completing his military service at the Estonian Defense Forces and his car was left unused during the service year.

Autolevi’s goal is to make sharing a car so easy, that you could find a vehicle within a five-minute walk from your home. We believe that not everyone should own a car, but every person should have access to a vehicle when they need one.

Save money while being environmentally friendly

Studies have shown that every shared car takes off five or even up to fifteen cars from our streets. You’ve probably noticed yourself, that most cars stay idle in the parking lot for the entire working day or you’ve had trouble finding a parking spot, all the while thinking – why there are so many cars everywhere?

Thanks to Autolevi you can use existing cars by more people and thus save the environment. Renting a car from Autolevi is also more affordable than owning a car yourself. As a car owner, you can earn back the money you have invested in your vehicle.


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