TOP 3 most breathtaking destinations in Estonia

Finally there is a slight hope that at the end of this week summer will arrive to Estonia. If you still have no plans then grab from excellent opportunity of visiting breathtaking places in Estonia.

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has put together an exciting list of places where you should go! It doesn’t matter if you escape from routine or just look for a place to hide for a weekend- rent a suitable car and find the most beautiful places in Estonia!

Autolevi team picked out 3 most exciting places to visit


  1. Otepää is definitely a place

    where you should spare some time,
    because there are lots of activities –
    an adventure park, canoe trip, a golf center,
    a wakepark, ski jumping, and much more.

Adventure Park is a place you can easily spend a whole day experiencing real thrills! Whether you get your shot of adrenaline on the various climbing tracks, the 350 m flight above the valley of the fort, or by catapulting yourself up to 20 m high in the air, there is an opportunity for every thrill seeker.


  1. Panga cliff and recreation area in Saaremaa
    is the highest bedrock outcrop in western
    Estonia and its islands.
    Its maximum height is 21.3 metres
    and it runs for about 2.5 km. Visitors of the nature reserve can
    admire a breath-taking sunset,
    have a picnic, observe birds,
    take beautiful nature photos, and have fun on the village swing. There is also a dolomite sundial.
  2. Sooma nationalparksdistinctive feature is
    its diverse nature, a unique suspension bridge,
    distinctive skiff culture, and five seasons have made
    it a very popular destination. The most popular sights
    in the national park are the Riisa and Kuuraniidu nature
    study trails, the Ingatsi boardwalk leading to the height of 8 metres on the highest bog in Europe, as well as watchtowers, and suspension bridges.

To get the real experince of Soomaa take part of hiking on foot or a canoe! You can find the whole list of beautiful places in Estonia on Puhka Eesti website:

Enjoy the Estonian summer!

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