Autolevi crowdfunded 225 000 euros

Estonian based peer-to-peer car sharing platform Autolevi crowdfunded 225 000 euros through Funderbeam syndicate to expand their platform in Finland.

The crowdfunding that ended on the 7th of December had over 250 personal investors and companies from 18 different countries like Germany, France, and the UK.

Tauri Kärson, the founder of Autolevi said that with the help of investors we crowdfunded three times more than expected. „We set our goal to reach 75 000 euros but after it was achieved within first 24 hours we knew that the interest from the investors was there. After that we decided to set the goal for 225 000 euros and end it there even though there was interest for more,“ said Kärson.

„I’m glad that people are prepared to invest in carsharing and see the positive effect of it on the environment and their wallet,“ said the founder.

Autolevi has got over 23 000 users and 1500 cars from Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Even though Autolevi has already started their platform in Finland there is so much unused business potential. „Our first big objective in Finland is to broaden the choice of the vehicles through what we can introduce ourselves to the locals and offer the best prices on the market,“ said Kärson.

Kärson says that investments also help to improve Autolevis platform more user friendlier than ever. „We want to offer a new solution where the car owner can rent the vehicle over a smartphone and doesn’t have to be there in person to hand over the keys. This kind of sharing is already popular in other European countries and we want to offer it to our users as well,“ he added.

Funderbeam crowdfunding for Autolevi lasted one month from the 7th of November. The aim was to collect 75 000 euros to expand over to neighboring countries and to assure the leader position on the local Estonian market.

Autolevis service is simple – the car owner can cover their vehicle expenses or earn some extra money by renting their car. Renters can find a perfect car to drive with from all over Estonia. Besides cars, you can find motorcycles, cargo vans, trucks and even tractors.


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