How to get more views and rentals for you car?

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It’s essential to keep your car’s profile up-to-date. It’s even more relevant in the summer and holiday period because the demand for vehicles is higher. Here are some useful tips to get more rentals!

Keep your rental calendar up to date

If you, as a car owner, are aware that there will be days when it is not possible to rent a car, write it down in your car rental calendar right away. The renter will also immediately see that he cannot book the vehicle but will rent it at a more convenient time for you if he is interested. This reduces empty bookings and shows the car owner’s diligence. You can find the rental calendar right under your profile next to the vehicle.

Mark the maximum and minimum rental length

We have noticed that many car owners write additional information on the minimum rental length. In fact, it can also be noted under the car profile in the vehicle calendar so you can keep the additional information box for extra important things. This makes the environment more comfortable for both renters and car owners, as the renter can be confident that the vehicle he or she is searching for will meet his or her desires and car owners should not be given too short or long rentals if they do not wish to. This can be done in the section below the rental calendar.

Mark the minimum notice time between booking and rental

If you think the two hours notice between booking and rental is low, then there is no problem to raise it. Under car settings, you can mark it for 3 hours or even 23 hours. Then you will not have unexpected bookings, and with the right time for notice, you will be able to clean your car and have it delivered to the right location if needed.

Set car availability

As you can see from the picture above, there are even more choices. If you feel 24/7 availability is too much, you can change it too. If you think you can only rent your car on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm, mark those times and avoid empty bookings for other times. This will save you and your renter time.

Please check your contact information

The response rate is one of the most important factors for a car owner on how to get the most rent. We recommend that you use the mobile phone number and email address you use most to spot reservations immediately. A good response rate is convenient for both renters and statistics. You can do it HERE.

Set alerts

Please check your profile for any notifications you receive about bookings. You can choose SMS or e-mail, but you can mark both if necessary. You can do it HERE.

Mark the actual location

If you are planning to have a vacation in Pärnu instead of Tallinn but take your car with you, change the location of the vehicle. This is a great way to rent a car while away from your hometown and you can cover some travel expenses. You can change the car’s location from the vehicle’s profile.

Beautiful pictures according to the season

The first thing the renter will notice about the car is its appearance and pictures. That’s why we always emphasize that beautiful, up-to-date images are important for the renter to see the vehicle as it really is, from every angle. In addition, the pictures could be changed according to the season, for example, in the summer period, we do not recommend leaving winter pictures in the car, as this indicates that the profile has not been updated for a long time.

Update vehicle information

Have you bought a trolley hook or cruise control for your car? Always mark it on your profile! You can do this for your cars under the “details” section. You can tick both new accessories and write down the details of your car.


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