Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range

Electric cars has been a very hot topic during past couple of years. Governments all across the world are encouraging consumers to buy electrical cars by subsidising, offering funds etc.

How far can you get with an electrical cars nowadays?

Electrical vehicles has gone long way since their early days and several start-ups, as well as large automotive companies have finally made some very competitive cars and made electrical vehicles cool. But there are still some weak-points, one of the biggest being infrastructure. If you want to commute just to work and back within your city, that most probably will not be an issue. But for others, who want to make also some longer commutes, limited driving range of electrical vehicles could be a problem. Couple of European countries have already made quite decent networks of charging stations, but even if you live in that country, the odds are, that you might want to travel at least once outside it. So we have prepared a list of electrical vehicles, which will bring you the farthest.

10. Smart Electric Drive

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Smart EV Is not the most desired car on the market, but with 110 km driving range it ranks number 10 in this list. More desirable this car is made by the fact, that this is the only electrical vehicle with a convertible option and remains the most affordable model for drivers who want to go green with the approximate price around 23 000 euros and very low exploitation costs.

9. Focus Electric

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Ford Focus Electric can make it till 122 km with one charge, it is declared as one of the best electrical vehicles from the point of view of handling and is also quite affordable with price around 26 500 euros.

8. BMW i3

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-8

This BMW beauty can do 130 km with one charge and is one of the most efficient electrical cars. But for the beauty and quality you need to pay extra – you can get it for ~40 000 euros with base configuration and 56 000 euros for more luxurious version.

7. Chevy Spark EV

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-7

This Chevrolet will be excellent investment, because it can make 132km, which is just 2km more than BMW i3. In Efficiency this car follows BMW i3, but with a price around 25 000 euros you will get excellent value for the price.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-6

Also this Golf will be amongst most efficient electrical vehicles and will be able to make 1,5 km longer distance than Chevrolet Spark EV. This one you can get for approx. 38 000 euros, but this car has an advantage that this is built as a standard Volkswagen Golf, that is why it will be a perfect car for switching from gasoline to electrical car – driving experience will remain quite similar.

5. Nissan Leaf

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-5

This is not amongst the newest electrical car models, but when we talk about driving range (135 km), just couple of cars has managed to catch up with this one. Also it has one of the best prices – around 33 000 euros. The combination of both brings this car in top positions for most sold electrical vehicles. Some greener Taxify drivers have chosen this as their car – an excellent opportunity to check out this car more closer.

4. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

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As other German brothers, this Mercedes will be a bit more expensive. However, if compared with BMW i3 or e-Golf, this one will be a bit more powerful, but not so efficient.

3. Fiat 500e

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-3

This Fiat will be able to do already 140 km with one charge and this Italian design beauty is in one price category as Nissan Leaf.

2. Kia Soul EV

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South Korean cars have come a long way (pun intended) in the past 10 years. This Korean can do almost 150 km on one charge, costs around 30 000 euros and you get 7 years warranty as a bonus. This might be one of the best deals for an electrical vehicle out there.

1. Tesla Model S 85D

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-1

This iconic car doesn’t allow the competition to come even close. It can make almost triple distance (435 km) as its closest follower. But also the price will be at least 2 times higher than most of the cars in this list – around 80 000 euros (and VAT is not included). However, owners in the area reports a bit lower actual average distance – around 350 km, which anyway allows you to not worry about staying on the side of the road. Also this beauty you can experience, using Taxify application. Or you can check out a Tesla club in your area.

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