What you should check on your car before fall?

What you should check on your car before fall? Night frosts are here and road conditions can change every minute. As a car owner, yourself can be prepared for this, but if your car is not then you might be in trouble. Here are some points to follow for the upcoming fall.


Get ready early

First, have your car inspected by a workshop or a dealership to ensure that the car doesn’t have critical faults that could unexpectedly occur. For example, have the engine and all the oils checked. Also, keep an eye on the time of the technical inspection so you don’t miss it.


Even though it is a few months early for you to switch to winter tires, you can also first check your current tires to see if they meet the requirements. When driving with summer tires, the tire must have a minimum tire depth of 1.6 millimeters and shouldn’t be older than ten years old. The tire release date can be found based on the numbers on the side of the tire. For example, code 192018 means that the tire was manufactured in week 19, 2018. Also, take a look at your current winter tires to avoid bad surprises during a tire change. In the case of snow tires, the residual depth shall be at least three millimeters and the age of the tire should not exceed five years. If you find that you have problems with your winter tires, then start looking for new ones right away.

Read more about choosing tires here.

Windshield wipers

Be sure to change your windshield wipers if the morning dewdrops don’t just want to disappear from the windshield or leave long distorting streaks. The poor condition of wipers can cause dangerous moments in rain with poor visibility. Windshield wipers should also go hand-in-hand with wiper fluid, which you should check for, and be sure to keep in mind that the wiper fluid also has a summer and winter option.

Head- and taillights

From time to time, let your passenger or a friend see if your car’s headlights and taillights are on and working. In addition, see if the glass of the lights is clear enough, as you will be in a worse position when driving at night or when it is dim, and may also distract other road users. If necessary, have the lights replaced or polished again to shine and clear.


Remind yourself when was the last battery change and whether it has left you on the road recently. Some batteries are labeled with the date they were purchased. Find out, if your car maybe needs a new battery to run on and it won’t leave you on the road.


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