Autolevi’s new insurance coverage


We are stoked to announce that we have launched Autolevi’s insurance in collaboration with If Insurance. The new casco insurance is the only one in Estonia, that covers damages for peer-to-peer car sharing.

Autolevi’s insurance applies to all cars, minibuses and vans rented via the Autolevi platform. It also covers damage inflicted from collision with wild animals, which many insurance providers choose not to cover.

The new insurance has a number of advantages for car owners and renters. Autolevi’s insurance provides a sense of safety, because in case of any accident, the rental experience can be positive and you will be protected from unforeseen expenses. The insurance is seamlessly applied and all of the required documents will be automatically filled for you by Autolevi’s web platform.


How does Autolevi’s insurance work?

The rental procedure remains the same for both the renter and the owner of the car. When you have paid for your rental booking, your casco insurance policy will be generated automatically. The new insurance is valid from the moment the car owner hands over the keys until the car is returned in good time.

There are three options for insuring your car. The renter can choose an insurance cost either 3 eur per day (with up to a 1000 € deductible) or a 5 € per day (with up to a 500€ deductible). If the vehicle is older than 20 years, the insurance daily cost is 0 € and deductible up to 1000 €.

In case the cost of the damages are less than the deductible amount, only the cost of the damages has to be compensated and there is no need to pay the entire deductible amount.

The insurance policy is sent to the renter’s e-mail the next morning after the payment has been made for the booking. You do not have to print out the insurance policy, nor the Autolevi rental agreement. Both are available online.

We kindly ask you to take photographs, or even better – record a video of the vehicle before and after the rental. Photos and videos help resolve any possible disputes afterwards.

Good to know

Autolevi’s insurance is a casco insurance. All Autolevi’s car owners are still obliged to have a valid traffic insurance.

Autolevi’s insurance covers all cars rented on Autolevi’s web platform except for motorcycles and trailers, for which deductible applies up to the extent of the inflicted damage.

For cars more than 20 years old, there is no daily insurance price and a 1000 euro deductible applies.

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