Peer to peer car rental

More than 2200 cars.

IF Insurance

All Autolevi's cars are insured.

Wide selection

Find a suitable car for all kinds of occasions and budgets. We have hundreds of cars to choose from.

No deposit

Pay only for the car rental, no deposit or other hidden fees.

Convenient locations

Find a car nearby. Our vehicles are available all over Estonia.


Best offers from everyday cars to the extraordinary. Find the perfect vehicle for your budget.


How it works?

1. Add your car to Autolevi.
2. Wait until you get reservation.
3. Meet with renter and hand over your car.
4. Receive car from renter. Give feedback.
1. Find the perfect one from wide selection of cars.
2. Send reservation to owner.
3. Meet the owner and start your journey!
4. Refuel, return and rent again!
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