Pricing policy

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For the car owner

  • FREE registration

  • FREE membership

  • You receive 75% of the rental amount

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For the renter

  • FREE registration

  • FREE membership

  • Rental price according to the price list of the car owner


We take 25% commission fee.

For that we offer:

  1. Background checked users
  2. Necessary contracts and documents for safe renting
  3. Payment solutions
  4. Free marketing for your vehicle
  5. Legal help and guidance in case problems should occur
  6. Feedback system
  7. Environment for transaction management
  8. System updates and new features

Autolevi is guided by the following principle in establishing its fees – if you use, you pay. We want to avoid creating running costs for the clients if there are no service revenues. To ensure secure and convenient rental environment, we invest the fee paid from the rentals in the development of the environment. Autolevi receives fee from the person who has rented the vehicle.

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