Autolevi is looking for investments to grow the business!

Autolevi has been operating on the Estonian market for over five years and it is now in this stage that it can manage itself independently. We want to involve additional investments to grow on the local market, develop the Autolevi product and expand the business abroad. First of all, we want to involve our current customers to be apart of the Autolevi and grow together.

Autolevis vision

Strategic vision is to become the largest web-based market platform for rental vehicles in Baltics and neighboring countries. Our goal is to have the widest range of vehicles and make the most transactions on the vehicle rental market, be it between private persons or between companies.

Where we input the investments?

  • Product development (IT)
    • To create an immediate payment option – instant-book
    • To integrate other vehicle rental companies car parks with Autolevi
    • To upgrade the feedback system
    • An automated e-mail system for users
    • New user-friendlier interface for renters and owners
  • Strategically increase the market share of Autolevi in Estonia
    • To channel more resources to marketing and communication activities
    • To develop a well-functioning loyalty program
  • Expanding strategically to Finland and Latvia
    • To find a highly-motivated market manager
    • To find a result oriented marketing specialist
    • To increase the market value of Autolevi through a strategic marketing plan

How the investments eventually pay off?

A) Autolevi is bought by one of the larger sharing based car rental company (SnappCar, Drivy, Turo etc). Today, every major market like USA, France or Germany has a similar company to Autolevi and all of them are looking for ways to expand their reach. We have already seen consolidation on different markets, but above all, we want to expand in our own region.

B) If the Autolevi is not sold to one of the bigger companies then in two or three years it will be a stable profit earning business which is able to pay dividends to its owners.

Terms for investments:

We are looking for total investments of 75 000 – 225 000 €

We offer 11,11% – 27,27% of the company.

Autolevis market value is 600 000€.

Autolevis market value after crowdfunding 675 000 – 825 000€.

You can invest to Autolevi until 06.12.2018 or until 225 000 euros is covered.


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