Why could you rent your car through Autolevi?

It is reasonable to rent your car through Autolevi, since Autolevi manages the whole rental process for you. You do not have to worry about a thing! Your only tasks include delivering and receiving the car. By renting your car through Autolevi:

  • You have full control over the car rental process – you decide when and who you rent your car to.
  • You reach the best renters – Autolevi checks the background of each renter and verifies their trustworthiness. Autolevi collects rental history and analyses received feedback. This should ensure that we have the best options to rent a car.
  • You have an overview of all rental applications – you have a full overview of the history of rental applications and actual rentals.
  • When you have a rental contract with balanced rights and obligations, you can be sure that even if something should not go as planned, your property is protected through proper rental contract.
  • You receive money for car rental each month – we ensure you monthly extra income if you have rented your car during the previous month. Autolevi arranges the settlement and ensures that you receive a certain amount of money.
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Autolevi is a trusted community marketplace for car owners and renters.

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How it works?

1. Add your car to Autolevi.
2. Wait until you get reservation.
3. Meet with renter and hand over your car.
4. Receive car from renter. Give feedback.
1. Find the perfect one from wide selection of cars.
2. Send reservation to owner.
3. Meet the owner and start your journey!
4. Refuel, return and rent again!

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