What should be taken into consideration when delivering and receiving the car?

We strongly suggest that you agree the details of the delivery-receipt paper with sufficient time (e.g. one day in advance). This helps to avoid last minute haste or misunderstandings. Before the renter arrives:

  • Be sure that you have made copies of the car documents to give them to the renter.
  • Remove all personal belongings from the car. Leave only necessary things in the car.
  • Clean the car, so it would be a pleasure to stay in it. It is recommended to leave the tank to a uniquely fixed level (e.g. full, 1/2 or 1/4).
  • Review the car condition and complete the delivery paper to ensure that the delivery is carried out in a quicker pace.

When the renter comes to receive the car:

  • Check the renter’s driver’s licence and be sure that the car is returned by the same person who booked it and whom you previously approved. If you are not sure of it, please contact us immediately!
  • Walk around the car with the renter and introduce him or her with the peculiarities of the car use. If the car has any problems, please tell them to the renter in a sincere manner.
  • Fix the odometer and fuel reading and the car condition. The more precise the instrument, the better.

When the renter comes to return the car:

  • Again, walk around the car and make sure that the car is in previous condition. Also, check the car interior together.
  • Verify together that the tank has been filled to the agreed level. Also, verify that the mileage has remained within the agreed limits.

If you have any complaints against the renter – for example, the fuel has not been replaced, mileage is bigger than agreed –, then prior to contacting us, discuss the situation with the renter and try to find a common solution. If you have reached an agreement, please write to info@autolevi.com and let us know. If you do not reach an agreement, please send the description of the situation to info@autolevi.com.

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