What happens when the renter leaves the car dirty outside or creates any other mess in there?

Then you have the following options. Upon receipt of the car, fix the condition in the instrument. Then try to find a solution for the problem together with the renter on the spot. If the renter agrees to solve the problem in a reasonable manner, then everything is okay. However, if you do not reach a reasonable agreement and you consider the renter’s behaviour inappropriate, the most powerful tool is leaving negative feedback. Autolevi will also ask the renter to provide feedback on the issue. By giving feedback, it is possible to fix the behaviour and attitude of an inappropriate renter and it is known to Autolevi. Also, other car owners will be notified about the inappropriate behaviour of the renter. Together we can build a reliable car rental environment. If the renter causes any damage concerning your property, for example, you have to take your car to dry cleaning, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to info@autolevi.com

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