What happens when I receive a fine, which is under the responsibility of some renter?

It is not possible to determine the fine on the car, but only on the renter who used the car. According to the contract, the renter must notify Autolevi about the fine and reasons for getting a fine. However, Autolevi cannot check it in any way, therefore, please notify us about the received fine or complaint as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to info@autolevi.com and we will review the case. If necessary, we will assist you in communicating with authorities or the person who has placed a complaint. We also ask you to inform the authority who sent the fine or complaint about the person who rented the car. If you need any assistance, please contact us without hesitation. The renter must pay a contractual penalty for hiding the fine to Autolevi in accordance with the contract. We pay 50% of this to you for compensation and 50% remains to Autolevi in order to cover the costs related to the procedures.

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