How can I increase my revenue when renting my car?

We would like to give some recommendations on how to make your car rental offer as attractive as possible:

  • Upload high-quality pictures that enable to get a good overview of the car. The renters are interested to see the car from inside out before making a decision.
  • Write a detailed and engaging description of your car.
  • Add a competitive price to your car, considering its location, brand and condition. This blog post and calculator will help you in determining the price.
  • Advertise your car to friends, neighbours, colleagues or, for example, on Facebook, your website or blog.
  • Respond to the bookings as soon as possible and accept as many bookings as possible.

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1. Add your car to Autolevi.
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3. Meet with renter and hand over your car.
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1. Find the perfect one from wide selection of cars.
2. Send reservation to owner.
3. Meet the owner and start your journey!
4. Refuel, return and rent again!

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