How can I cancel the booking?

If you would like to cancel a paid booking, please do so on the booking page using the “Cancel” button. Following the above rules, we will refund you to the bank account registered in your user profile. Whether you receive a full refund, a partial refund, or receive no refund depends on the circumstances.


Please note that the reservation is not binding either to you or to the car owner prior to payment and will be automatically canceled after 24 hours from the confirmation by the car owner if you have not paid for it.
If you can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the beginning of it or 1 hour after paying for it, you can do it without any additional cost.


If a car owner cancels your booking for some reason, he/she will have to notify you as soon as possible. In this case you will receive a full refund.


If a car owner or the renter fails to cancel and doesn’t show up for the trip within 30 minutes of the trip’s scheduled start time the booking will be cancelled automatically. By agreement of the parties, it is possible to change the time of the car handover. If a renter who shows up to a handover with no licence, with an invalid licence, or who sends their additional driver in their place, then booking is also cancelled.


In the case of a vehicle not matching the description published on Autolevi website, you will receive a full refund. The Autolevi`s customer support ( needs to be notified within 2 hours of the issue. Later claims will not be satisfied. For example: vehicle has technical issues which were not mentioned in the ad or does not appear on the photos; vehicle is promised to hand over clean but is not done so; some important function of the vehicle is not working.


You can return a vehicle earlier than planned but it is not possible to get a refund for the unused time.


We check the background of the renters by using different information channels and databases to be sure of their goodwill. If a renter does not pass the background check, he/she will be notified as soon as possible and booking will be refunded within five workdays.


If you cancel a paid booking less than 24 hours before it starts, you will receive a refund beginning from the third rental day. If your booking lasts less than three days, you will receive nothing.


Forus Autolevi understands that things happen outside your control that may force you to cancel a booking.
You will receive a full refund for the circumstances listed below:
· Flight interruption (submit documentation from the airline showing that your flight was canceled or delayed).
· Severe illness (submit documentation from the hospital showing that you needed emergency medical aid).
· Natural disaster (includes only cases in which the state emergency is announced).

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