Does Autolevi provide the rental car with a comprehensive insurance?

Forus Autolevi offers all its users peace of mind – our service is easy-to-use and you’re protected by our insurance. Created in collaboration with If Insurance, Autolevi’s insurance applies to all cars and vans rented from our platform which are not older than 15 years. For motorcycles and trailers, deductible applies. It is the only insurance that covers car sharing in Estonia. More info here:

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How it works?

1. Add your car to Autolevi.
2. Wait until you get reservation.
3. Meet with renter and hand over your car.
4. Receive car from renter. Give feedback.
1. Find the perfect one from wide selection of cars.
2. Send reservation to owner.
3. Meet the owner and start your journey!
4. Refuel, return and rent again!

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