Can I entrust my car to a stranger?

Autolevi is working in order to ensure that the car rental process would be as safe as possible for the car owner. To ensure the safety of car rental:

  • Autolevi checks the background of every newly joined user and no unreliable persons are allowed to join the system.
  • When booking a car, the purpose of use is asked in order to increase transparency.
  • The car owner has a responsibility to ascertain the identity of the renter and in case of doubt, he or she will be entitled to withdraw from the transaction also at the time of handing over the car.
  • The car owner has also an opportunity to carry out an additional background research on the renter and make sure on the spot that the person is credible.
  • The concluded rental contract protects both parties against unlawful actions.
  • The car owner is not allowed to give original documents of the vehicle to the renter. Only copies are allowed to be given to the renter.
  • If the person turns out to be unreliable on the basis of collected information, you can refuse to rent your car. Nobody is forcing you to rent your car to a person you do not trust!
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