How to rent a car from Autolevi?

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Autolevi offers an easy-to-use and a trusted platform to share cars. You can rent a car when and where you need it! You’ll find cars for the holidays, moving, lots of hobby vehicles and also wedding cars. There are over 30 000 users in Autolevi’s car sharing community and more than 2200 vehicles in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. 

1. Choose a car

Autolevi is the biggest car sharing platform in the region. Enter your location, choose dates and browse thousands of cars, vans and other vehicles shared by local car owners in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

By using a shared vehicle from Autolevi, you’ll help to reduce the carbon footprint of car transportation!

2. Book your trip

Send a booking request to the car owner. If you don’t have a user yet, sign up – it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 minutes and it’s free.

When your booking is confirmed, you’ll have 24 hours to pay for it or until 30 minutes before your trip starts. Autolevi completes a background check for all its users, therefore no deposit is needed.

3. Start driving

Meet with the car owner to pick up the keys. We recommend taking pictures of the vehicle with your phone to avoid any potential misunderstandings afterward.

Good to know: the rental contract is signed automatically on Autolevi’s platform. You don’t need to print out any documents. If the police should stop you, you can always show the rental agreement from your mobile phone. Easy!

4. Rate your experience

Autolevi brings together like-minded people and feedback is one of the cornerstones of the platform. After returning the car, always leave an honest review about your rental experience. This helps other renters find the perfect car for them and also gives insight to the car owner.


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Coronavirus and car sharing

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Autolevi has more than 30 000 users and over 2200 vehicles across Estonia, Latvia, and Finland. This makes us the largest car-sharing platform in the region. To help prevent coronavirus from spreading amongst Autolevi’s car-sharing community, we’d like to share with you the most important steps you can take to protect your health and that of the closest to you. All recommendations can be found on the website of Estonia’s Health Board.

1. Wash hands frequently

Wash your hands properly with warm water and soap and do this more than usual. Antibacterial hand gels alone aren’t enough as they don’t kill viruses. The best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands under running water.

2. Cover your mouth when coughing

Cover your mouth when coughing and also your nose when sneezing to prevent spreading corona and other viruses impacting the respiratory system. Dispose of any used paper tissues right after blowing your nose. If you can, prefer using tissues made of recycled paper.

3. Spend time in fresh air 

Try to avoid crowded city spaces, where you could come in contact with people carrying viruses. Use your free time to hike in nature! Spending time in nature and in the fresh air is one of the best things you can do. Go for a walk in the forest, discover new tracks, and breathe fresh air. There are amazing nature spots all across Estonia, many of them you probably haven’t even visited!

autolevi koroonaviirus

4. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces

If you rent an Autolevi car or are a car owner yourself, drop some hand wipes containing alcohol in your handbag. As a car owner, please wipe down frequently touched surfaces in your car between rentals, such as the steering wheel, gear changer, door handles. Make sure you use a disinfectant that also kills viruses.

5. Stay home if you’re ill

We urge everyone feeling symptoms of coronavirus listed on the website of the Health Board to stay home and avoid traveling. If you may be infected by the coronavirus and you need to cancel your Autolevi rental please use our booking cancellation function on your bookings view.

6. Follow the news of the Health Board

Coronavirus is impacting countries in different ways. Up-to-date news on Estonia can be found in the news section of Estonia’s Health Board. We can all give our two cents to help diminish the spread of the disease.

Autolevi’s team wishes everyone good health. Spend time in nature and take care of yourself!


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Autolevi’s new insurance coverage


We are stoked to announce that we have launched Autolevi’s insurance in collaboration with If Insurance. The new casco insurance is the only one in Estonia, that covers damages for peer-to-peer car sharing.

Autolevi’s insurance applies to all cars, minibuses and vans rented via the Autolevi platform. It also covers damage inflicted from collision with wild animals, which many insurance providers choose not to cover.

The new insurance has a number of advantages for car owners and renters. Autolevi’s insurance provides a sense of safety, because in case of any accident, the rental experience can be positive and you will be protected from unforeseen expenses. The insurance is seamlessly applied and all of the required documents will be automatically filled for you by Autolevi’s web platform.


How does Autolevi’s insurance work?

The rental procedure remains the same for both the renter and the owner of the car. When you have paid for your rental booking, your casco insurance policy will be generated automatically. The new insurance is valid from the moment the car owner hands over the keys until the car is returned in good time.

There are three options for insuring your car. The renter can choose an insurance cost either 3 eur per day (with up to a 1000 € deductible) or a 5 € per day (with up to a 500€ deductible). If the vehicle is older than 20 years, the insurance daily cost is 0 € and deductible up to 1000 €.

In case the cost of the damages are less than the deductible amount, only the cost of the damages has to be compensated and there is no need to pay the entire deductible amount.

The insurance policy is sent to the renter’s e-mail the next morning after the payment has been made for the booking. You do not have to print out the insurance policy, nor the Autolevi rental agreement. Both are available online.

We kindly ask you to take photographs, or even better – record a video of the vehicle before and after the rental. Photos and videos help resolve any possible disputes afterwards.

Good to know

Autolevi’s insurance is a casco insurance. All Autolevi’s car owners are still obliged to have a valid traffic insurance.

Autolevi’s insurance covers all cars rented on Autolevi’s web platform except for motorcycles and trailers, for which deductible applies up to the extent of the inflicted damage.

For cars more than 20 years old, there is no daily insurance price and a 1000 euro deductible applies.

More about Autolevi's insurance

Tips for delivering 5-star rentals

autolevi car rental

Autolevi’s renters choose cars not only based on the vehicle’s features, but reading the reviews previous users have left, response rate and acceptance speed. Positive feedback brings more future clients and also brings your car in the first pages of Autolevi’s search engine’s results. What is the key to delivering 5-star rentals?

1. Add plenty of photos

Did you know that vehicles with six photos get three times as much as reservations as other cars? Choose photos, that show your car from the sides, front and back, the interior and also the inside of the trunk. The best time to take photos is on a sunny day and in a place where your car looks unique and beautiful. Go check out our tips for taking good photos of your car HERE.

Add as much as useful information the car’s profile as possible. The more details you provide, the more security you give a potential client, that a great car is available to them. Be honest when describing the vehicle – this will set true to life expectations and better odds for getting positive feedback after the rental.

2. Fast and smooth communication

When the renter has paid for their reservation, send them a message via Autolevi with information about when and how you’ll be handing over the car. It helps to add a few good words and thank them for choosing your car. Let them know that you’ll be bringing them a clean car with a filled gas tank.

Always respond to renter’s questions at your earliest convenience and do so during their entire trip – good communication results in a positive experience. Worries and questions could come up and the renter will appreciate your wish to solve problems quickly. At the end of the day, they will remember fast solutions, not the problem itself.

3. Every little accessory helps

An extra comfortable ride brings maximum number of stars afterwards. Get a mobile device mount, so that it is easy to follow road directions on your phone, a USB cable for charging phone’s battery and why not a package of wet wipes – smart investment for getting back a clean car as well.

Autolevi’s most popular car owners have provided their clients with things like an umbrella, collection of CD-s and a cosy picnic blanket. One of the most positive reviews on Autolevi’s platform was born thanks to a first aid kit in the car. Always add as many features on your profile as possible.

4. Clean and steady car

You have probably noticed, that your car looks a few good years younger, when it has been freshly cleaned. Renters know how to appreciate a clean car. Wash your car before the rental, keep the interior tidy and clean the floor mats. Hand over the car with a full gas tank and communicate that you expect the car back in the same condition.

Make sure that things are running smoothly under the hood and do a regular check-up of your vehicle. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from your renters –  it will be easier to keep track of any problems faster. Even if a certain particularity of the car does not interfere with the ride, inform your renter – they will know what to expect and won’t get any negative surprises.

5. Commitment

Commitment and wish to deliver a great experience – just like you would expect when renting a car – are the cornerstones of a great experience. Keep your rental calendar up-to-date to avoid any last-minute cancellations.

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How to get more views and rentals for you car?

autolevi car sharing

It’s essential to keep your car’s profile up-to-date. It’s even more relevant in the summer and holiday period because the demand for vehicles is higher. Here are some useful tips to get more rentals!

Keep your rental calendar up to date

If you, as a car owner, are aware that there will be days when it is not possible to rent a car, write it down in your car rental calendar right away. The renter will also immediately see that he cannot book the vehicle but will rent it at a more convenient time for you if he is interested. This reduces empty bookings and shows the car owner’s diligence. You can find the rental calendar right under your profile next to the vehicle.

Mark the maximum and minimum rental length

We have noticed that many car owners write additional information on the minimum rental length. In fact, it can also be noted under the car profile in the vehicle calendar so you can keep the additional information box for extra important things. This makes the environment more comfortable for both renters and car owners, as the renter can be confident that the vehicle he or she is searching for will meet his or her desires and car owners should not be given too short or long rentals if they do not wish to. This can be done in the section below the rental calendar.

Mark the minimum notice time between booking and rental

If you think the two hours notice between booking and rental is low, then there is no problem to raise it. Under car settings, you can mark it for 3 hours or even 23 hours. Then you will not have unexpected bookings, and with the right time for notice, you will be able to clean your car and have it delivered to the right location if needed.

Set car availability

As you can see from the picture above, there are even more choices. If you feel 24/7 availability is too much, you can change it too. If you think you can only rent your car on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm, mark those times and avoid empty bookings for other times. This will save you and your renter time.

Please check your contact information

The response rate is one of the most important factors for a car owner on how to get the most rent. We recommend that you use the mobile phone number and email address you use most to spot reservations immediately. A good response rate is convenient for both renters and statistics. You can do it HERE.

Set alerts

Please check your profile for any notifications you receive about bookings. You can choose SMS or e-mail, but you can mark both if necessary. You can do it HERE.

Mark the actual location

If you are planning to have a vacation in Pärnu instead of Tallinn but take your car with you, change the location of the vehicle. This is a great way to rent a car while away from your hometown and you can cover some travel expenses. You can change the car’s location from the vehicle’s profile.

Beautiful pictures according to the season

The first thing the renter will notice about the car is its appearance and pictures. That’s why we always emphasize that beautiful, up-to-date images are important for the renter to see the vehicle as it really is, from every angle. In addition, the pictures could be changed according to the season, for example, in the summer period, we do not recommend leaving winter pictures in the car, as this indicates that the profile has not been updated for a long time.

Update vehicle information

Have you bought a trolley hook or cruise control for your car? Always mark it on your profile! You can do this for your cars under the “details” section. You can tick both new accessories and write down the details of your car.


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How to prepare your car for the winter

October has already shown its first frost and several months of living below zero are waiting for us. Since the snow won’t stay in the sky for long, here are some tips on how to get your vehicle ready for frost, slippery and humid conditions.

Car body

Make sure to remove the summer pitch and other dirt from the car body before the extreme cold arrives. Preferably, the car should be cleaned with plus degrees to prevent excess water from freezing between body parts or gaskets. It is also important to wax the car at least twice a year to maintain the paint finish. Waxing the car ensures that the car body better repels dirt and does not pick it up too easily on autumn-winter roads.

You should also consider parking your car in a warm garage every night, as the plus degrees will at least partially melt the salty snow and ice, which in turn can lead to corrosion. Driving a car in a warm garage at night is only recommended if it ensures the car is completely thawed and dried by the time you start driving. It is best to keep the car in the shade just in winter from the snow. This prevents snow and ice from partially melting while protecting the glasses from ice formation.

In addition, it is possible to prevent the formation of rust by the fall, by letting experts apply anti-corrosion to the bottom of the car, preventing further rust from spreading. However, be sure not to choose the cheapest offer and find out how many different providers offer anti-corrosion treatments. In addition, look for feedback on work done to ensure quality.


Fuel selection

Winter is a period where the amplitude of temperature changes can be quite large. This, in turn, promotes condensation in the fuel tank. Water entering the car’s fuel system, engine, and filters can disrupt and, at worst, damage the engine’s performance.

Therefore, it is prudent to keep the fuel tank as full as possible during the winter and to avoid running with a semi-empty fuel tank, as this will prevent condensed water from entering the fuel tank due to temperature differences. In the case of diesel vehicles, it must also be ensured that the fuel has sufficient frost resistance and is suitable for use even when the air temperature drops significantly. Observe the relevant markings on the labels at the filling stations and do not be afraid to ask for help if necessary.

In addition, it is advisable to keep the fuel tank full during the winter, because if there is any part of the car that breaks down and prevents you from moving forward or just getting stuck in the snow, you can wait comfortably in a warm and running car.


Tire condition

Tires that are in poor condition can mean losing control, poor control of the car, longer vehicle braking distances and higher fuel consumption. It is therefore important to check the condition of the winter tires before putting them on. The easiest way to do this is to measure the tire tread depth. The recommended tread depth for winter tires is four to eight millimeters. Winter tires must be replaced at least every five years because, even if the tire tread depth is seemingly sufficient, the tire’s elasticity and traction can be significantly reduced and the tire becomes friable and cracked.


Purchase of used tires. When buying used tires, it is important to be clear about their actual condition: when the tires were produced, how many seasons they have been used and how they were maintained. However, we definitely recommend that you first buy new tires at a tire store.
Checking tire pressure. Tire pressure should also be checked regularly. Driving too low will increase fuel consumption and tire wear. However, even with excess tire pressure, the grip between the tire and the road surface can be reduced. The optimum tire pressure level varies by car make and model. In most cases, the recommended tire pressure is indicated on the inside of the driver’s or front passenger door.
Tire storage. It is not advisable to keep the tires in a humid place or in direct sunlight, as such conditions adversely affect tire performance: tire grip, braking, and steering are reduced. A warm basement with tires under cover is one good way to store your tires.


Battery condition

In winter, it is a good idea to check the car batteries older than 4-5 years, as this can cause malfunctions. The condition of the battery should be checked by a workshop.
Regularly check the battery’s electrolyte level, if the battery allows. Add distilled water if necessary. The electrolyte level should be 1.5 cm above the plates. Maintenance-free batteries are sealed batteries and do not require electrolyte level monitoring. Closed batteries are the most common type today.

If the battery stays idle for a long time, it is advisable to charge it first. If the battery is discharged for any reason, it must be charged with a stationary battery charger. It is not possible to charge a discharged battery with the car generator charging current.
It is also worth remembering how to charge an empty battery using another vehicle battery. To do this you need starter cables.


Seals and door hinges

To ensure trouble-free opening of all doors and hatches when cold, the seals must be dehumidified and lubricated with silicone oil. Open the doors and spray silicone oil on all seals and allow it to dry slightly. If using silicone oil in a bottle, apply oil to the cloth and grease the seals, but avoid lubricating the seat covers.

Door locks, door hinges and restraints should also be lubricated. Use fine mechanical oil for lubrication. Spray a small amount of oil into the lock hole, hold a cloth to wipe off any spilled oil, turn the key a few times to lubricate the lock hole, and then spray the oil on the door hinges and stops.

Salon and seats

In terms of interior and seat preparation, a significant difference comes in whether it is a leather or textile material in your car. Leather seats should be maintained at least twice a year – before winter and in spring. Untreated skin becomes more fragile in the cold in winter or hot in the summer and can therefore crack. The wax also protects against wear and scratches. Fortunately, car owners with textiles and contents do not need such subtle care in the coming winter, but smaller car cleaning should be done in such cars as well.

To do this, the first step is to remove loose dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Sand and other dirt will always accumulate between the seams, under the buttons, and in the pleats. The sand between the seams is a threat to the seams of the seats as it starts to wear out the threads. For leather seats, use special skin cleaners for care. Be sure not to use substances (common cleaning pastes, etc.) that contain abrasive particles. Apply the cleanser to a cloth or piece of foam, for example, and do not spray the cleanser directly onto the skin. Once the leather is cleaned, you can apply wax. Wax protects the skin from wear and makes it softer. The choice of waxes is quite wide, preference is given to waxes specially made for skins.


Windshield washer fluid and washers

The most common problem that car owners encounter with first sub-zero degrees is frozen windshield washer fluid. During the winter, a glass cleaner with a minimum freezing temperature of -20 ºC should be used. So it is a good idea to think about replacing your summer washer fluid with winter. If you are late with this, it may also be helpful to pour in the existing summer fluid after winter.

In the dark winter, the undoubted assistant is the weavers, which keep the windscreen clean. The deterioration or poor condition of the windshield wipers is indicated by the fact that the windshield wiper leaves small areas of dirt or snow on the glass. If the car already has decent weavers, there are a couple of tips during winter on how to extend the life of each one. In particular, you should avoid wiping the glass with the wiper blades when the car glass is still on ice, as the ice surface is uneven and will cause injury to the wiper blade. Also, in cold weather, it might be a good idea to make sure the windshields are not frozen on the windshield before starting. Starting the wiper blades when frozen can cause the wiper blade engines to break or damage the wiper blade rubber parts.

Condition of lights and electrical equipment

It is also important to make sure that all lights outside the vehicle are properly set and in working order at night. Check the condition of the lights at least every few days to ensure that you and your fellow occupants will not get a bad surprise if your vehicle’s stoplights or turn signal lights do not work during slippery and dangerous times. In addition, do not use all the electrical equipment in your vehicle at the same time, as during a cold period your car will not charge so quickly and may cause the battery to become tired or exhausted.

Cold weather “must” accessories:
1. Flashlight
2. Thicker working gloves
3. A small snow shovel
4. Warm blanket
5. Snow scraper
6. Mobile charger
7. Jumper cables or starting cables
8. Rope for tugging

Autolevi advises you to be careful in winter!

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What you should check on your car before fall?

What you should check on your car before fall? Night frosts are here and road conditions can change every minute. As a car owner, yourself can be prepared for this, but if your car is not then you might be in trouble. Here are some points to follow for the upcoming fall.


Get ready early

First, have your car inspected by a workshop or a dealership to ensure that the car doesn’t have critical faults that could unexpectedly occur. For example, have the engine and all the oils checked. Also, keep an eye on the time of the technical inspection so you don’t miss it.


Even though it is a few months early for you to switch to winter tires, you can also first check your current tires to see if they meet the requirements. When driving with summer tires, the tire must have a minimum tire depth of 1.6 millimeters and shouldn’t be older than ten years old. The tire release date can be found based on the numbers on the side of the tire. For example, code 192018 means that the tire was manufactured in week 19, 2018. Also, take a look at your current winter tires to avoid bad surprises during a tire change. In the case of snow tires, the residual depth shall be at least three millimeters and the age of the tire should not exceed five years. If you find that you have problems with your winter tires, then start looking for new ones right away.

Read more about choosing tires here.

Windshield wipers

Be sure to change your windshield wipers if the morning dewdrops don’t just want to disappear from the windshield or leave long distorting streaks. The poor condition of wipers can cause dangerous moments in rain with poor visibility. Windshield wipers should also go hand-in-hand with wiper fluid, which you should check for, and be sure to keep in mind that the wiper fluid also has a summer and winter option.

Head- and taillights

From time to time, let your passenger or a friend see if your car’s headlights and taillights are on and working. In addition, see if the glass of the lights is clear enough, as you will be in a worse position when driving at night or when it is dim, and may also distract other road users. If necessary, have the lights replaced or polished again to shine and clear.


Remind yourself when was the last battery change and whether it has left you on the road recently. Some batteries are labeled with the date they were purchased. Find out, if your car maybe needs a new battery to run on and it won’t leave you on the road.


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How to make a reservation in Autolevi platform?

In this post we will describe how to make a reservation on the Autolevi website. Autolevi is continuously improving to make car rent even more convenient and safe, and now the system has been so automatic that everything depends on Autolevi users themselves once they have filled out their profile information and it has been approved by our team. When you select the suitable cars and make a reservation, the car owners will receive text messages and e-mails asking them to either approve or reject the reservation. You will also see each car owner’s response time on our website and, if the car is needed as soon as possible, you can book the car from those owners who answer in just a few minutes’ time.


Once the reservation has been approved, you just need to make a payment through our system and arrange the meeting time and place with the car owner.


IHow to make a reservation in Autolevi platformt is possible to make a reservation on every device with an Internet connection. To make a reservation, you need to connect to the Autolevi system. Once you have registered and logged in, go to the section “For car renters” or check out the range of cars from your profile. When selecting a car, pay attention to the information provided to make sure that it is the right car for the intended use. Once it has been done, you can make a reservation by indicating the start and end dates and the purpose of the rent. Keep in mind that the car should be used for the purpose indicated!


Coolpad Porto S - text message, making reservation in Autolevi car rental platformAfter that the owner of the car will receive a message about the reservation and will be able to either approve or reject it. If the car owner will approve the reservation, you will receive a text message that you need to make a payment. Log in and approve the reservation by making the payment through SEB, Swedbank or VISA and MasterCard as well. To pay for the rental, click “Pay”, connect with your internet bank or fill out your card information and accept the prepared payment. You will also be able to read our agreement again or, in case you have found a different car, reject the reservation.


Other users will be able to make a reservation of your selected car before the payment is done, but, once the payment is done, our system will automatically sign an electronic agreement, the transaction will be done and the car will be waiting just for you. If due to some unforeseen reason the rental will be canceled from either party, we will pay the money back, so make sure that the bank account in your profile is the correct one! We make a payment to car owners once a month for all the successful rentals of the previous month to make sure that the procedure in such situations is fast and as convenient as possible for all Autolevi users.


Reservation in simple steps:

  1. Log in the webiste and select the cars. We advise you to make a reservation on 1-11 cars, since a car might be already taken or needed for the car owner himself. Soon it will be possible to make a reservation of those cars only that are available on the given dates.
  2. Make a reservation and we will send a text message and an e-mail to the car owner.
  3. Receive a text message when the car owner has approved or rejected the reservation.
  4. Make a payment through the website and contact the car owner about picking up the car.
  5. Pick up the car in the arranged time and place and enjoy the drive!
  6. Review the car and its owner after the rental.
  7. Repeat the steps 1-6 for your next adventure and enjoy our service!



How to make a reservation in Autolevi platform-4We kindly request our users the leave feedback after each rental to make sure that Autolevi can ensure a high-quality service. You can leave feedback simply by logging into the website. Just as we want to improve the experience for our users, we also want to grow ourselves, so we encourage you to send all suggestions or complaints to us on the website or by e-mailing

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How to rent out your car on Autolevi?

How works Autolevi peer-to-peer car rental Find out how to rent your car

How to list your car on Autolevi and start earning money? This is a step-by-step guide on how to do it, so that you won’t miss a thing.

How does the rental of my car happen?

  1. If you are new on Autolevi, just sign up and fill your profile!
  2. After that, you have to clean up your car inside and outside. Then make attractive photos of your car on daylight so the renter can see it from every direction and inside of it. It is preferred that you take photos of the front end, back end, diagonally, interior and the trunk.
  3. Then you have to set-up your car profile. You can add your car HERE or under your profile dashboard. Please remember to fill as much information about your car as you can so it will go up without any problems as soon as possible. Accurate information about the location and features of the car will be vital to have more renters and your car will come out in searches more often. You can change your car profile every time you want. If it is summer and you still have pictures from winter then renters might look that you haven’t updated the profile.
  4. Always keep your eyes on the pricing of a similar car model or vehicle so you can adjust to get more rents. You should do it before you upload your car and every few weeks to see if there is a change on the market.
  5. Keep your calendar up to date! Our search only shows your car on the available days and hours you have set, so if there is a change in your car use calendar, update the profile quickly! You can read about the calendar HERE! You can do it under your car profile pressing on “RENTAL CALENDAR”.
  6. After you uploaded the profile you will get a response from us that your car is now active or your profile needs some updates or corrections. If it does, then fill it out and reply to us.
  8. If someone will book your car, you will receive an e-mail and/or a text message (you can select the message type in your profile).
  9. Go to section “Transactions” and check active rentals.
  10. Check if the user has passed background check! We advise you to only accept rentals from checked users (they will appear green on the website). If it is still grey then we are still checking on a new user. If it is red then we advise you to cancel the reservation because the user might have had trouble before or the profile has misinformation.
  11. Check the beginning and end dates and times and accept or decline the reservation!
  12. If you accept the reservation, we will inform the renter via e-mail and/or text message that the rental has been accepted.How works Autolevi peer-to-peer car rental Find out how to rent your car
  13. As soon as the renter has paid for the rental, you will receive an e-mail and/or a text message. Until that, other users will be able to book your car.
  14. An agreement will be automatically electronically signed once the rental has been paid. If you have several reservations for one date, please cancel the other reservations once payment has been made by one of the renters.
  15. Contact the renter and discuss the delivery of the car.
  16. Print out the delivery and acceptance statement and prepare the car for rental or make videos and photos before and after the rent around the car to avoid further complications.
  17. Meet the renter and deliver the car.
  18. After the rental, meet the renter to pick up the car.
  19. Check if the car is in the same condition as before: the car is clean and tidy, the fuel level is the same (if it isn’t, make an agreement with the renter that he will pay for it in cash or fill the tank), etc. Check the car with the renter and sign the delivery and acceptance statement again.
  20. Rate the renter after the rent and leave short feedback so that it would be easier (or harder) for the renter to rent a car the next time. We will also ask the renter to rate the car owner and the car.
  21. At the beginning of each week, we will make a payment about all the rentals of the previous week. This way we ensure a smoother service in case the rent has been canceled or there have been other issues since we can take care of it in your place.

Keep in mind!

  1. If you have any problems or something is not clear, you can get in touch with the Autolevi team by sending an e-mail to or calling +372 539 555 49.
  2. We use the information provided in your profile, so, if you want to receive payment to another bank account, get in touch with you on another e-mail or phone number, please, update the information on your profile.
  3. You will receive 75% of the rental price. We will use the remaining 25% to advertise your car, carry out user background checks, make the platform more convenient and safer, as well as create new services. You can ask for KASKO insurance from us now aswell! Just contact
  4. Don’t forget that you can advertise your car! The more people know that you are renting our your car, the more rentals you will get and the more money you will receive! Tell about this opportunity on your social media, send e-mails to people who might interested and tell your friends about it. Your friends will most likely be happy to rent the car from you and you will most definitely feel better knowing that your car is used by someone you know.
  5. We will appreciate you telling us what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like to see improved! You can contact us by writing an e-mail to or calling +372 539 555 49.
  6. Most questions have been already answered in the FAQ, so make sure to check it!
  7. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, it might be in our blog, since we post more detailed articles about a variety of topics there.
  8. If the answer’s not on the blog as well, just get in touch with us!


We hope that this information will be useful! If there are any more questions, feel free to get in touch with us!

What to do when you get pulled over by the police

You are driving on a highway, when suddenly your attention is caught by police sirens. All at once you are overwhelmed with emotions…

Politsei peatamismärguanne võib ehmatada

The sound of a police siren makes your skin crawl even if you know everything is OK.

Sounds familiar?

There are two possible case scenarios after the police has pulled you over. Firstly, the officer just checks your documents and lets you go. Secondly the policemen asks you to take a seat at the back of their car.

If the police officer orders you to come with him

Probably you have violated the highway code and you should go to the police car. The police officer is obliged to tell you about your rights. This means that a copy of your rights should be handed over to you for signing.

If the police fail to “read his/her rights” it is considered as violating the procedure

By law you are entitled to require the police officer to explain your rights. The police officer is obliged to explain everything in a simple language.

The back seat of a police car can be avoided

If you think you have been pulled over for no reason then take your time to explain.

Just tell the story through your eyes by bringing out how and why the situation occurred.

If the policemen is convinced that no violation has occurred then no further action will be taken.

🗣Read: obviously if the police has nothing to cling to, then there is no point in making it “official” and spend state resources.

Although not in every case such an explanation is effective and the police may conduct misdemeanor proceeding. In this case the policemen must prove that you have committed a traffic offence (eg. speeding, driving at a junction with a traffic light, talking with the phone while driving, driving without using seat belts, etc.)

However you have the rights to refute the claims of the conductor.

One of the many possibilities to refute the claims of a conductor is to use witnesses.

How to use witnesses to prove your innocence?

If you are accompanied by someone who sees the disputed situation then you can claim for his/her questioning as a witness. That said, the police officer is obliged to arrange interrogation. It is important that the witness stays true to her/his statement if she or her saw something different.

From time to time it may happen that there are no witnesses. In that case the police officer has to witness himself and you will be able to interview him/herself. But most likely you are not an experienced interrogator who have the skills to find out everything important so, how is it possible?

Remember to ask very detailed questions!

Firstly, find out exactly what he saw and perceived. Let him/her describe your exact appearance, behaviour and actions. In general, it is possible to find out by the means of details whether the police officer saw things correctly or not.

For example, a police officer might think that he/her saw you driving with white sweater and unfastened seatbelt. In matter of fact you were dressed all black. This refers that the police officer is mistaken. These kinds of situations may occur during the police raids. During the raids the police officer conducting the procedure may not be the officer, who detected the violation.


Politsei kuulab sind kohtus üle
Source of the picture

Sometimes things can get very messy and needs to be taken to court.

When things get to court…

The court has an obligation to investigate a misdemeanor matter. Example given,  if a person subject to proceedings brings to the court facts which he has not proved, the court must examine those facts.

Thus, a complaint lodged with a county court may refer to circumstances which the police did not take their decision into account.

If the police officer makes a decision in a misdemeanor case that takes away “driving licenses” for a certain period of time, in the event of a traffic violation, then it is worth considering whether to challenge that decision in the county court or not.

If an official has not made a mistake in making a decision and the court maintains the decision, then it is a descision that court has entered to force and has been enforced.If you still decide to drive a car after your driver’s license has been taken away, then you are committing a crime that is considered to be extra punishment. In this case you may be sentenced with a fine or one year in a prison.

However, if you still decide not to appeal the decision and you still drive during the time your drivers license is taken away then it can’t be penalized because the decision of a police officer (out-of-court body) is not a court decision.

🙌 In general, Autolevi recommends to work with the police to maximum and understand that they are doing their job in the best faith to ensure a safe and secure traffic environment for all of us! More tips for a safe journey, find here!🙌





TOP 3 most breathtaking destinations in Estonia

Finally there is a slight hope that at the end of this week summer will arrive to Estonia. If you still have no plans then grab from excellent opportunity of visiting breathtaking places in Estonia.

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has put together an exciting list of places where you should go! It doesn’t matter if you escape from routine or just look for a place to hide for a weekend- rent a suitable car and find the most beautiful places in Estonia!

Autolevi team picked out 3 most exciting places to visit


  1. Otepää is definitely a place

    where you should spare some time,
    because there are lots of activities –
    an adventure park, canoe trip, a golf center,
    a wakepark, ski jumping, and much more.

Adventure Park is a place you can easily spend a whole day experiencing real thrills! Whether you get your shot of adrenaline on the various climbing tracks, the 350 m flight above the valley of the fort, or by catapulting yourself up to 20 m high in the air, there is an opportunity for every thrill seeker.


  1. Panga cliff and recreation area in Saaremaa
    is the highest bedrock outcrop in western
    Estonia and its islands.
    Its maximum height is 21.3 metres
    and it runs for about 2.5 km. Visitors of the nature reserve can
    admire a breath-taking sunset,
    have a picnic, observe birds,
    take beautiful nature photos, and have fun on the village swing. There is also a dolomite sundial.
  2. Sooma nationalparksdistinctive feature is
    its diverse nature, a unique suspension bridge,
    distinctive skiff culture, and five seasons have made
    it a very popular destination. The most popular sights
    in the national park are the Riisa and Kuuraniidu nature
    study trails, the Ingatsi boardwalk leading to the height of 8 metres on the highest bog in Europe, as well as watchtowers, and suspension bridges.

To get the real experince of Soomaa take part of hiking on foot or a canoe! You can find the whole list of beautiful places in Estonia on Puhka Eesti website:

Enjoy the Estonian summer!

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How do speedtraps work and how is the violation proceed?

Speedcameras in Finland. Source:  

There are a total of some 955 speedtrap boxes on the roads and highways of Finland, but only 120 of them are equipped with cameras at time, according to Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. Speed cameras are useful tools to catch the drivers speeding automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The greatest benefit is that no policeman needs to stand by the road to detect speeding.

The Countries with the Most speedtraps per km²

How do speedtrap work?

Speedtrap fixes the speed of all passing vehicles. If the driver exceeds the posted speed limit a digital picture of the vehicle and the driver is taken. The camera can take photos also in the night time. To prevent the flash dazzling the driver a flash with a red filter is use. The red flash is visible to the driver and and also signals that the speeding is fixed.

Although each flash doesn’t automatically mean speeding. To put it differently if you drive within the permitted speed range and you see a flash from the speed camera it may also mean that the camera is turning on and off. This is done three times a day.

What are the speed limits when a violation is proceed?

To point out, in Finland speeding fines are linked to income, with penalties calculated on daily earnings. This means that high earners get hit with bigger penalties for breaking the law.

2 interesting facts: 1) Reima Kuisla, a Finnish businessman, was caught doing 103km/h in an area where the speed limit is 80km/h, authorities turned to his 2013 tax return, the Iltalehti newspaper reports. He earned 6.5m euros that year, so was told to hand over 54,000 euros(!!!)1

                 GIF Source

2) In 2002, an executive at Nokia was slapped with a 116,000-euro fine (!!!) for speeding on his Harley Davidson motorbike. His penalty was based on a salary of 14m euros.1

So spending can be a costly business for wealthy Finns…

In fact, the speed limits in Finland are higher than in Sweden and Norway and motor roads have a max speed of 120 km/h. In general the common speed limits outside urban areas are 100 km/h. Speeds are often reduced during winter (october-april). 2


What happens after the speed camera has captured you speeding?

As a matter of fact, an automated speed camera in comparison to speed measurements by a police patrol include efficiency. Indeed thanks to the camera, there is no need for a police officer to stop the car after speeding was detected.

When incident of speeding was recorded by an automated speed camera a fine notice is generally signed in a digital format.

The fine must be paid or disputed within 30 days.

What if I get a traffic fine in a rental car?

First of all, it is important to notice the car owner or the company you rented the car from what has happened.  In case you do get a ticket on your hire car, it’s worth paying it swiftly, because you’re likely to pay extra fees if the authorities contact the car hire company about an unpaid ticket. 4

To dispute a fine, contact the traffic authority that issued it. You should find the contact details on the fine notification. 4

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Are pets allowed in an Autolevi car?

Pets in a rental car? No worries! You can easily filter cars from our search engine to see all the cars where well-behaved dogs and other pets are allowed.


On Autolevi’s platform each car owner can choose on their car profile if four-legged friends are also welcome in their vehicle. Our team loves pets and we’re happy to see more and more cars that don’t mind your dog or cat and sometimes even offer a transportation box for your furry buddy.

Always keep in mind that the safety of your pet in the car is as important as your own. Make sure it is kept securely in the vehicle and has a comfortable ride to your destination. Use a transportation box that is the right size for your pet or attach it with a special seat belt or safety harness.

Treat your Autolevi car as your own, protect the car seats or clean them from pet hair and give back the car in the same condition as you got it.

Finding pet-friendly Autolevi cars is easy thanks to our search engine. Go on the “Search cars” page, choose your area, dates and other preferences and under the “Accesories” tick the “Pets allowed” box.

In the search results you’ll see all the vehicle that respond to your expectations and where pets are allowed. Dogs, cats and different exotic creatures have already travelled in Autolevi’s cars, mini vans and other types of vehicles. Take your pick and have fun travelling!

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Autolevi crowdfunded 225 000 euros

Estonian based peer-to-peer car sharing platform Autolevi crowdfunded 225 000 euros through Funderbeam syndicate to expand their platform in Finland.

The crowdfunding that ended on the 7th of December had over 250 personal investors and companies from 18 different countries like Germany, France, and the UK.

Tauri Kärson, the founder of Autolevi said that with the help of investors we crowdfunded three times more than expected. „We set our goal to reach 75 000 euros but after it was achieved within first 24 hours we knew that the interest from the investors was there. After that we decided to set the goal for 225 000 euros and end it there even though there was interest for more,“ said Kärson.

„I’m glad that people are prepared to invest in carsharing and see the positive effect of it on the environment and their wallet,“ said the founder.

Autolevi has got over 23 000 users and 1500 cars from Estonia, Finland and Latvia. Even though Autolevi has already started their platform in Finland there is so much unused business potential. „Our first big objective in Finland is to broaden the choice of the vehicles through what we can introduce ourselves to the locals and offer the best prices on the market,“ said Kärson.

Kärson says that investments also help to improve Autolevis platform more user friendlier than ever. „We want to offer a new solution where the car owner can rent the vehicle over a smartphone and doesn’t have to be there in person to hand over the keys. This kind of sharing is already popular in other European countries and we want to offer it to our users as well,“ he added.

Funderbeam crowdfunding for Autolevi lasted one month from the 7th of November. The aim was to collect 75 000 euros to expand over to neighboring countries and to assure the leader position on the local Estonian market.

Autolevis service is simple – the car owner can cover their vehicle expenses or earn some extra money by renting their car. Renters can find a perfect car to drive with from all over Estonia. Besides cars, you can find motorcycles, cargo vans, trucks and even tractors.


Start earning money Check out cars in your area


7 roadtrip playlists for every mood


If you’re a Spotify user, you know that one of its best features are playlists from different genres and for every mood. Bonus: many of them are regularly updated, so you can keep discovering new music you love. Without further ado, here are 7 Spotify playlists that we at Autolevi believe are perfect for long-distance drives!


1. The modern one.

Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Bruno Mars – you know the drill. Perfect mood to keep you going guaranteed.

2. Hooked on a Feeling – record breaking Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack 

It’s a never ending debate, if the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 or Awesome Mix 2 is better (we like the first one), but here’s a playlist that combines them both.

The playlist includes tunes mostly from the 70s – David Bowie, the Runaways and the Jackson 5 all make appearances, complemented by tracks from lesser known acts like the Raspberries (“Go All the Way”) and Blue Swede (“Hooked on a Feeling”). Pretty awesome indeed!

3. Rock and roll music nerd’s dream

The soundtrack to the car-chase rock and roll infused film Baby Driver is a music nerd’s dream and we like it! Set your gears for revved-up 70s rock classics by the likes of Queen and Golden Earring, but the Baby Driver soundtrack also offers cuts of various styles and vintage from Beck, Brubeck, Barry White, the Beach Boys, and soul duo Bob and Earl.

4. Rap Caviar

Rap Caviar is the most popular rap playlist on Spotify, and for good reason— the team behind the legendary playlist is committed to delivering the best rap music experience on the platform. The playlist is updated weekly with the newest music.

5. Camping playlist

It just so happens that a very-close-to-perfection camping playlist exists on Spotify. Starting off the first chords you’ll feel like chilling by a bonfire with a nightsky view over mountains and treetops. Music that will send shivers down your spine!

6. Are & Be

Wish to feel the beat of new releases and hits from your favorite R&B artists – go check out Are & Be! Updated weekly, so it’s always fresh and features artists like Solange, Rihanna, John Legend, Frank Ocean and many others.

7. It is isn’t a roadtrip without some Pulp Fiction

It’s a fact. Not sure, if any further explanation is needed, the mixture of surf, soul and shit-talking that Quentin Tarantino assembled for the Pulp Fiction‘s soundtrack played out like one of the world’s coolest mixtapes, which made it an instant classic when it came out. Let’s hit it!


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5 reasons why you should start renting out your car today

Renting out your carHaving a personal car is comfortable and makes life easier, but it is also quite expensive. Owning a car is the second biggest monthly expense after the living space. But it does not have to be this way. Instead, your car can become a source of income. Have you ever thought about putting your car to earn money?

Here are 5 reasons, why you should start renting out your vehicle:

  1. Save money on monthly expenses

Having a personal car means monthly expenses, which include gas, parking, insurance and service. These expenses can be decreased or even earned fully back when you rent out your car. For example, if you go to work to the city centre, you probably have to pay for the parking. These hours you spend on parking daily could bring you money instead.

  1. Earn an extra income

In addition to covering your monthly expenses, renting out your car can bring you an extra income. On average, a car owner at Autolevi earns around 200€ per month, which is a nice addition to the regular salary. With this extra income you can get closer to your dreams – whether it is a trip to the south, a summerhouse or a new vehicle.

  1. Your car is unused 92% of the time

Statistics show that an average car owner uses his car only for 2 hours a day. The rest of the 22 hours the car is without a use. This equals 27 full days of unused time in a month. It would be practical and profitable to rent out your car on a safe platform, when you do not need it yourself.

  1. Save the environment and cityscape

The number of cars in the cities is increasing and becoming a more serious problem day by day. The more cars there are, the bigger are the traffic jams, the more polluted is the air and the less there are parking spots. By sharing a car, you contribute to making the traffic smoother, the air cleaner and you also leave more room for other road users. Furthermore, you help the people who do not have a personal car for their everyday errands.

  1. You meet new people

Sharing economy gains more and more popularity. In the near future everyone can find a perfect car to rent just around the corner in their own neighbourhood. This means that you as a car owner have the opportunity to meet a lot of people from nearby. Who knows, maybe some of the neighbours even become your good friends?

You should not be afraid of renting out your car. Autolevi does a background check for every user and car owner signs an official contract with the renter. In addition, you as a car owner have the right to decline the rental if the person does not seem trustworthy to you. Try out Autolevi’s easy-to-use and safe platform today.


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Choose how long rentals you want to receive

Choose how long rentals you want to receive-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental

There are different people and different car usage habits – someone uses the car just in weekends and can rent out during the workdays, someone has a second car and uses the other one very rarely. Till now you had an option to choose on your car profile whether you want to give out your car for short term or long term. But the renters don’t always have the time to thoroughly read all the information on cars profiles.

That is why from now on you can choose the maximum and minimum rental lengths fro your car. The renters will not be able to make a reservation for your car if the rental length will be longer or shorter than you have allowed. If you still would like to receive all reservations, you can still mark “any” for min and max rental lengths and then you will receive everything.


If now in the car profile you have marked just “short-term” or “long-term”, then we have set your minimum or maximum rental length automatically. So if you want to review it, please go to your cars rental calendar where you can see and edit the values. Maybe your priorities have changed and you don’t want to rent out your car just in short-term or long-term. Right now we have set these values:

  1. if you had marked just for “short-term”, then the minimum period will be “any”, but maximum – “1 week”. It means that you will receive those reservations, which are shorter than or exactly one week.
  2. if you had marked just “long-term”, then the minimum period will be “3 days” and maximum – “any”, so your car will be available for rental just if the reservation will be at least 3 days long.
  3. if you had marked both – “short-term” and “long-term”, your minimum and maximum rental length will be “any” and your car will always be available for the rental and you will receive all reservations.

To change the minimum and maximum rental lengths, please go to your profile and press button “Rental calendar”.

Choose how long rentals you want to receive-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental

In the rental calendar you can mark days, when your car will not be available, but under the calendar you can choose the minimum and maximum rental lengths.


  1. It’s very important that your calendar doesn’t confront the rental lengths. For example, if you choose that on Sundays the car is not available for rentals and set the minimum rental length one week, then it will not be possible to rent out your car because between one Sunday and the next is less than a week.
  2. Before restricting your rental lengths, make sure you really will not want to receive longer or shorter reservations.
  3. Don’t forget to go to “rental calendar” regularly to update your car’s availability and rental lengths. If you use your car almost daily and want to rent it short-term, don’t forget to come to this page couple of months before your vacation trip, so you can rent out your car, while you relax and let it earn you some pocket money.

Tell us what you think and contact us with your questions or suggestions via !

Wishing pleasant rentals,

Autolevi team

Autolevi has reached 10 000 users


Hooray! We are happy to announce that Autolevi are using already more than 10 000 users all across the world. Most of the users are from Estonia, but user base from other countries is growing strong.

Our peer-to-peer car rental platform is a good alternative to the traditional car rentals, because you can get the widest choice, the best prices and the most convenient service on the market. On our platform anyone can put up his/her car and rent it out, while it’s not being used. In 2016 the car owners who have rented out their cars, have earned on average 75 euros a month, which can cover a big part of their car’s monthly expenses.

So far more than 600 Autolevi vehicle owners have received more than 20 000 reservations for their city cars, SUVs, minivans, motorcycles, moving vans and other vehicles. Autolevi so far offers the service in 3 countries – Estonia, Latvia and Finland, and more than 30 cities. But keep your eyes open, because we don’t plan to stop there – other countries are coming soon.

Autolevi’s biggest advantage is our platform – everything from choosing a car, to preparing a rental contract to paying for the rental is electronic, making the experience hassle free in the real life – go, take the keys and start driving. After the rental we ask everyone to rate their experience (and the car, the renter and car owner) so you can see if you really get what we offer. And one more important thing – we believe that people are generally good (and we check every user, which registers on Autolevi platform), so we don’t ask any safety deposits.

Our team is very happy that already so many people have found Autolevi useful and we see this a great motivator to keep on working to grow even bigger and to make our platform even better!

You can check out Autolevi’s cars here.

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range

Electric cars has been a very hot topic during past couple of years. Governments all across the world are encouraging consumers to buy electrical cars by subsidising, offering funds etc.

How far can you get with an electrical cars nowadays?

Electrical vehicles has gone long way since their early days and several start-ups, as well as large automotive companies have finally made some very competitive cars and made electrical vehicles cool. But there are still some weak-points, one of the biggest being infrastructure. If you want to commute just to work and back within your city, that most probably will not be an issue. But for others, who want to make also some longer commutes, limited driving range of electrical vehicles could be a problem. Couple of European countries have already made quite decent networks of charging stations, but even if you live in that country, the odds are, that you might want to travel at least once outside it. So we have prepared a list of electrical vehicles, which will bring you the farthest.

10. Smart Electric Drive

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-10

Smart EV Is not the most desired car on the market, but with 110 km driving range it ranks number 10 in this list. More desirable this car is made by the fact, that this is the only electrical vehicle with a convertible option and remains the most affordable model for drivers who want to go green with the approximate price around 23 000 euros and very low exploitation costs.

9. Focus Electric

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-9

Ford Focus Electric can make it till 122 km with one charge, it is declared as one of the best electrical vehicles from the point of view of handling and is also quite affordable with price around 26 500 euros.

8. BMW i3

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-8

This BMW beauty can do 130 km with one charge and is one of the most efficient electrical cars. But for the beauty and quality you need to pay extra – you can get it for ~40 000 euros with base configuration and 56 000 euros for more luxurious version.

7. Chevy Spark EV

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-7

This Chevrolet will be excellent investment, because it can make 132km, which is just 2km more than BMW i3. In Efficiency this car follows BMW i3, but with a price around 25 000 euros you will get excellent value for the price.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-6

Also this Golf will be amongst most efficient electrical vehicles and will be able to make 1,5 km longer distance than Chevrolet Spark EV. This one you can get for approx. 38 000 euros, but this car has an advantage that this is built as a standard Volkswagen Golf, that is why it will be a perfect car for switching from gasoline to electrical car – driving experience will remain quite similar.

5. Nissan Leaf

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-5

This is not amongst the newest electrical car models, but when we talk about driving range (135 km), just couple of cars has managed to catch up with this one. Also it has one of the best prices – around 33 000 euros. The combination of both brings this car in top positions for most sold electrical vehicles. Some greener Taxify drivers have chosen this as their car – an excellent opportunity to check out this car more closer.

4. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-4

As other German brothers, this Mercedes will be a bit more expensive. However, if compared with BMW i3 or e-Golf, this one will be a bit more powerful, but not so efficient.

3. Fiat 500e

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-3

This Fiat will be able to do already 140 km with one charge and this Italian design beauty is in one price category as Nissan Leaf.

2. Kia Soul EV

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-2

South Korean cars have come a long way (pun intended) in the past 10 years. This Korean can do almost 150 km on one charge, costs around 30 000 euros and you get 7 years warranty as a bonus. This might be one of the best deals for an electrical vehicle out there.

1. Tesla Model S 85D

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-1

This iconic car doesn’t allow the competition to come even close. It can make almost triple distance (435 km) as its closest follower. But also the price will be at least 2 times higher than most of the cars in this list – around 80 000 euros (and VAT is not included). However, owners in the area reports a bit lower actual average distance – around 350 km, which anyway allows you to not worry about staying on the side of the road. Also this beauty you can experience, using Taxify application. Or you can check out a Tesla club in your area.

If you want to earn with your electrical or any other car, add your car to Autolevi.

8 things that influence the rental price of your car

It is often hard to be completely objective and determine the rental price for your car just as it should be. We tend to think about how expensive the repairs are, how much time and effort we have invested in it, how much it costs us, how much we spend on insurance, road tax, maintenance etc. Even more important than making stunning car photos (but don’t get me wrong, they are extremely important) is to determine the right price for your car. Very simple advice would be – please set a lower price for the first rentals and then you can increase it when you have your first rentals, feedback, 5 star ratings and good response time. If you want to explore the topic in more detail, please continue reading.

The demand determines the rental price of the car

8 things that influence the rental price of your carAll economists need to know these basic terms: demand, supply and equilibrium. The demand is the customer desire to buy, and the customers are ready to buy more for a lower price and less for a higher price. The supply is the desire of companies to sell, and companies are ready to sell more for a higher price. The point where the demand and supply meet is called equilibrium.

When determining the price of the car, the owners will want to set the highest possible price, while the renters – the lowest. The owners should set the price as close as possible to the equilibrium, setting it a little higher if they don’t wish to hire out the car too often and a little lower it they wish to rent it out as much as possible.

It is important to understand that it is not your opinion about your car or some car expenses that determines the price, the price of the car is set by the demand! The price is one of the main reasons as to why a specific car is being rented out or isn’t. If you have listed a car but aren’t receiving reservations, it is a signal that the rental price is too high and renters do not want to rent the car for such a price. If you receive so many reservations that you cannot rent out your car to everyone, the price might be too low and can be increased a little. And most importantly: remember that your earnings depend on two things: the price of your car and the number of rentals. By setting a lower price, you might actually earn more because your car is rented out more often.

8 things that influence the price of your car

The price of your car is mainly affected by these things:

1. Age of the car

The older the car, the lower the price. Time flies, so sometimes we forget that our car has just turned 10 or 15 years old. Every 5 years the price of car decreases significantly in car rentals. Cars that are less than 5 years old have a higher price, and it won’t differ so much because their age won’t be the decisive aspect. 5 to 10 years old cars have a lower price, and, in case they cost the same or even more than a 5 year old car, they won’t be rented out because renters can get a newer car for the same price. When cars are older than 10 years, the price are even lower, yet the fuel efficiency, engine and car type become more important. If the vehicle is older than 30 years and has reached retro status, the price starts to increase again, especially during the summer when there is a demand for such cars for weddings and other events.

2. Fuel consumption and engine type

Since the price of fuel is still relatively high, another important things is fuel consumption. If the renters can save on fuel by renting a slightly more expensive car, they will usually choose the car with a lower fuel consumption, so a lower fuel consumption might allow you to increase the price. Also, the engine type is important. Diesel engines are favored more than petrol engines, and cars running on LPG are even more complicated because some people avoid these cars, although they can reduce fuel expenses even more.

3. Car type

Minivans, spacious cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, convertibles and similar cars can have a higher price than regular cars.

4. Car brand and model

The brand and the model are also important. Although most cars are not affected by it, the opinions about some brands can influence the car price. Renters tend to be willing to pay more for German cars since they are believed to be more reliable, while Russian cars, as well as sometimes French and Korean cars are not always seen as trustworthy, so they might require a lower price. However, opinions differ, and each brand has its loyal users and also those who won’t drive it no matter what.

5. Time of the year

Car rental is a seasonal business, since the demand for rental cars surges in April and shrinks in September. If you increased the price during spring and summer, don’t forget to lower it once autumn comes.

6. Car photos

Many things are determined by marketing. If you want your car to be rented out, the car must look great in the photos. Luckily, we have summarised 6 easy tips for stunning photos in our blog! Read them and try it yourself. However, if that still doesn’t help, get in touch with us by writing to and we will help you find a photographer or will help you take photos ourselves!

7. Location

The competition in a certain area might also influence the price of the car. Since there are more cars available in Riga, the prices might be slightly lower because the renters will be able to choose from a wider variety of cars and find cheaper options. But keep in mind that the income level is higher in Riga, so even if the competition in your city is much lower, you need to set a reasonable price that the renters will be able to afford.

8. Insurance and other extras

You can set a higher price if your car has KASKO because it means that the renter takes a lower risk. If the car has any extras, list them in the car description. Extras usually don’t affect the price of the car, but they might help the renter to decide that your car is the right one for him.

Car price in the future

8 things that influence the rental price of your car-2Our team is currently working on a calculator that will suggest the most appropriate price for you car based on several factors, as well as help calculate car expenses and the possible income when renting out the car at a certain price.

While we are still working, we hope that this information will help you! You can also check other cars listed on Autolevi, their price and the number of rentals. In addition, we also suggest to check the price of similar cars in other car rentals, since you are competing not only with other cars on Autolevi, but with other car rentals as well. You can also read about the 10 most popular reasons why a car is rented out, since it might help understand why your car might be rented. Also, don’t forget to include Autolevi’s 25% commission fee in the price, since it used to advertise your car, do all the paperwork, do background checks of users and improve the service. If you have any questions, Autolevi team will be happy to answer them, so call +371 248 709 42 or write an email to .

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