How to rent a car from Autolevi?

autolevi car rental estonia latvia finland

Autolevi offers an easy-to-use and a trusted platform to share cars. You can rent a car when and where you need it! You’ll find cars for the holidays, moving, lots of hobby vehicles and also wedding cars. There are over 30 000 users in Autolevi’s car sharing community and more than 2200 vehicles in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. 

1. Choose a car

Autolevi is the biggest car sharing platform in the region. Enter your location, choose dates and browse thousands of cars, vans and other vehicles shared by local car owners in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

By using a shared vehicle from Autolevi, you’ll help to reduce the carbon footprint of car transportation!

2. Book your trip

Send a booking request to the car owner. If you don’t have a user yet, sign up – it shouldn’t take more than 1-2 minutes and it’s free.

When your booking is confirmed, you’ll have 24 hours to pay for it or until 30 minutes before your trip starts. Autolevi completes a background check for all its users, therefore no deposit is needed.

3. Start driving

Meet with the car owner to pick up the keys. We recommend taking pictures of the vehicle with your phone to avoid any potential misunderstandings afterward.

Good to know: the rental contract is signed automatically on Autolevi’s platform. You don’t need to print out any documents. If the police should stop you, you can always show the rental agreement from your mobile phone. Easy!

4. Rate your experience

Autolevi brings together like-minded people and feedback is one of the cornerstones of the platform. After returning the car, always leave an honest review about your rental experience. This helps other renters find the perfect car for them and also gives insight to the car owner.


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How to make a reservation in Autolevi platform?

In this post we will describe how to make a reservation on the Autolevi website. Autolevi is continuously improving to make car rent even more convenient and safe, and now the system has been so automatic that everything depends on Autolevi users themselves once they have filled out their profile information and it has been approved by our team. When you select the suitable cars and make a reservation, the car owners will receive text messages and e-mails asking them to either approve or reject the reservation. You will also see each car owner’s response time on our website and, if the car is needed as soon as possible, you can book the car from those owners who answer in just a few minutes’ time.


Once the reservation has been approved, you just need to make a payment through our system and arrange the meeting time and place with the car owner.


IHow to make a reservation in Autolevi platformt is possible to make a reservation on every device with an Internet connection. To make a reservation, you need to connect to the Autolevi system. Once you have registered and logged in, go to the section “For car renters” or check out the range of cars from your profile. When selecting a car, pay attention to the information provided to make sure that it is the right car for the intended use. Once it has been done, you can make a reservation by indicating the start and end dates and the purpose of the rent. Keep in mind that the car should be used for the purpose indicated!


Coolpad Porto S - text message, making reservation in Autolevi car rental platformAfter that the owner of the car will receive a message about the reservation and will be able to either approve or reject it. If the car owner will approve the reservation, you will receive a text message that you need to make a payment. Log in and approve the reservation by making the payment through SEB, Swedbank or VISA and MasterCard as well. To pay for the rental, click “Pay”, connect with your internet bank or fill out your card information and accept the prepared payment. You will also be able to read our agreement again or, in case you have found a different car, reject the reservation.


Other users will be able to make a reservation of your selected car before the payment is done, but, once the payment is done, our system will automatically sign an electronic agreement, the transaction will be done and the car will be waiting just for you. If due to some unforeseen reason the rental will be canceled from either party, we will pay the money back, so make sure that the bank account in your profile is the correct one! We make a payment to car owners once a month for all the successful rentals of the previous month to make sure that the procedure in such situations is fast and as convenient as possible for all Autolevi users.


Reservation in simple steps:

  1. Log in the webiste and select the cars. We advise you to make a reservation on 1-11 cars, since a car might be already taken or needed for the car owner himself. Soon it will be possible to make a reservation of those cars only that are available on the given dates.
  2. Make a reservation and we will send a text message and an e-mail to the car owner.
  3. Receive a text message when the car owner has approved or rejected the reservation.
  4. Make a payment through the website and contact the car owner about picking up the car.
  5. Pick up the car in the arranged time and place and enjoy the drive!
  6. Review the car and its owner after the rental.
  7. Repeat the steps 1-6 for your next adventure and enjoy our service!



How to make a reservation in Autolevi platform-4We kindly request our users the leave feedback after each rental to make sure that Autolevi can ensure a high-quality service. You can leave feedback simply by logging into the website. Just as we want to improve the experience for our users, we also want to grow ourselves, so we encourage you to send all suggestions or complaints to us on the website or by e-mailing

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How to rent out your car on Autolevi?

How works Autolevi peer-to-peer car rental Find out how to rent your car

How to list your car on Autolevi and start earning money? This is a step-by-step guide on how to do it, so that you won’t miss a thing.

How does the rental of my car happen?

  1. If you are new on Autolevi, just sign up and fill your profile!
  2. After that, you have to clean up your car inside and outside. Then make attractive photos of your car on daylight so the renter can see it from every direction and inside of it. It is preferred that you take photos of the front end, back end, diagonally, interior and the trunk.
  3. Then you have to set-up your car profile. You can add your car HERE or under your profile dashboard. Please remember to fill as much information about your car as you can so it will go up without any problems as soon as possible. Accurate information about the location and features of the car will be vital to have more renters and your car will come out in searches more often. You can change your car profile every time you want. If it is summer and you still have pictures from winter then renters might look that you haven’t updated the profile.
  4. Always keep your eyes on the pricing of a similar car model or vehicle so you can adjust to get more rents. You should do it before you upload your car and every few weeks to see if there is a change on the market.
  5. Keep your calendar up to date! Our search only shows your car on the available days and hours you have set, so if there is a change in your car use calendar, update the profile quickly! You can read about the calendar HERE! You can do it under your car profile pressing on “RENTAL CALENDAR”.
  6. After you uploaded the profile you will get a response from us that your car is now active or your profile needs some updates or corrections. If it does, then fill it out and reply to us.
  8. If someone will book your car, you will receive an e-mail and/or a text message (you can select the message type in your profile).
  9. Go to section “Transactions” and check active rentals.
  10. Check if the user has passed background check! We advise you to only accept rentals from checked users (they will appear green on the website). If it is still grey then we are still checking on a new user. If it is red then we advise you to cancel the reservation because the user might have had trouble before or the profile has misinformation.
  11. Check the beginning and end dates and times and accept or decline the reservation!
  12. If you accept the reservation, we will inform the renter via e-mail and/or text message that the rental has been accepted.How works Autolevi peer-to-peer car rental Find out how to rent your car
  13. As soon as the renter has paid for the rental, you will receive an e-mail and/or a text message. Until that, other users will be able to book your car.
  14. An agreement will be automatically electronically signed once the rental has been paid. If you have several reservations for one date, please cancel the other reservations once payment has been made by one of the renters.
  15. Contact the renter and discuss the delivery of the car.
  16. Print out the delivery and acceptance statement and prepare the car for rental or make videos and photos before and after the rent around the car to avoid further complications.
  17. Meet the renter and deliver the car.
  18. After the rental, meet the renter to pick up the car.
  19. Check if the car is in the same condition as before: the car is clean and tidy, the fuel level is the same (if it isn’t, make an agreement with the renter that he will pay for it in cash or fill the tank), etc. Check the car with the renter and sign the delivery and acceptance statement again.
  20. Rate the renter after the rent and leave short feedback so that it would be easier (or harder) for the renter to rent a car the next time. We will also ask the renter to rate the car owner and the car.
  21. At the beginning of each week, we will make a payment about all the rentals of the previous week. This way we ensure a smoother service in case the rent has been canceled or there have been other issues since we can take care of it in your place.

Keep in mind!

  1. If you have any problems or something is not clear, you can get in touch with the Autolevi team by sending an e-mail to or calling +372 539 555 49.
  2. We use the information provided in your profile, so, if you want to receive payment to another bank account, get in touch with you on another e-mail or phone number, please, update the information on your profile.
  3. You will receive 75% of the rental price. We will use the remaining 25% to advertise your car, carry out user background checks, make the platform more convenient and safer, as well as create new services. You can ask for KASKO insurance from us now aswell! Just contact
  4. Don’t forget that you can advertise your car! The more people know that you are renting our your car, the more rentals you will get and the more money you will receive! Tell about this opportunity on your social media, send e-mails to people who might interested and tell your friends about it. Your friends will most likely be happy to rent the car from you and you will most definitely feel better knowing that your car is used by someone you know.
  5. We will appreciate you telling us what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like to see improved! You can contact us by writing an e-mail to or calling +372 539 555 49.
  6. Most questions have been already answered in the FAQ, so make sure to check it!
  7. If you can’t find the answer to your question there, it might be in our blog, since we post more detailed articles about a variety of topics there.
  8. If the answer’s not on the blog as well, just get in touch with us!


We hope that this information will be useful! If there are any more questions, feel free to get in touch with us!

Choose how long rentals you want to receive

Choose how long rentals you want to receive-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental

There are different people and different car usage habits – someone uses the car just in weekends and can rent out during the workdays, someone has a second car and uses the other one very rarely. Till now you had an option to choose on your car profile whether you want to give out your car for short term or long term. But the renters don’t always have the time to thoroughly read all the information on cars profiles.

That is why from now on you can choose the maximum and minimum rental lengths fro your car. The renters will not be able to make a reservation for your car if the rental length will be longer or shorter than you have allowed. If you still would like to receive all reservations, you can still mark “any” for min and max rental lengths and then you will receive everything.


If now in the car profile you have marked just “short-term” or “long-term”, then we have set your minimum or maximum rental length automatically. So if you want to review it, please go to your cars rental calendar where you can see and edit the values. Maybe your priorities have changed and you don’t want to rent out your car just in short-term or long-term. Right now we have set these values:

  1. if you had marked just for “short-term”, then the minimum period will be “any”, but maximum – “1 week”. It means that you will receive those reservations, which are shorter than or exactly one week.
  2. if you had marked just “long-term”, then the minimum period will be “3 days” and maximum – “any”, so your car will be available for rental just if the reservation will be at least 3 days long.
  3. if you had marked both – “short-term” and “long-term”, your minimum and maximum rental length will be “any” and your car will always be available for the rental and you will receive all reservations.

To change the minimum and maximum rental lengths, please go to your profile and press button “Rental calendar”.

Choose how long rentals you want to receive-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental

In the rental calendar you can mark days, when your car will not be available, but under the calendar you can choose the minimum and maximum rental lengths.


  1. It’s very important that your calendar doesn’t confront the rental lengths. For example, if you choose that on Sundays the car is not available for rentals and set the minimum rental length one week, then it will not be possible to rent out your car because between one Sunday and the next is less than a week.
  2. Before restricting your rental lengths, make sure you really will not want to receive longer or shorter reservations.
  3. Don’t forget to go to “rental calendar” regularly to update your car’s availability and rental lengths. If you use your car almost daily and want to rent it short-term, don’t forget to come to this page couple of months before your vacation trip, so you can rent out your car, while you relax and let it earn you some pocket money.

Tell us what you think and contact us with your questions or suggestions via !

Wishing pleasant rentals,

Autolevi team

Autolevi has reached 10 000 users


Hooray! We are happy to announce that Autolevi are using already more than 10 000 users all across the world. Most of the users are from Estonia, but user base from other countries is growing strong.

Our peer-to-peer car rental platform is a good alternative to the traditional car rentals, because you can get the widest choice, the best prices and the most convenient service on the market. On our platform anyone can put up his/her car and rent it out, while it’s not being used. In 2016 the car owners who have rented out their cars, have earned on average 75 euros a month, which can cover a big part of their car’s monthly expenses.

So far more than 600 Autolevi vehicle owners have received more than 20 000 reservations for their city cars, SUVs, minivans, motorcycles, moving vans and other vehicles. Autolevi so far offers the service in 3 countries – Estonia, Latvia and Finland, and more than 30 cities. But keep your eyes open, because we don’t plan to stop there – other countries are coming soon.

Autolevi’s biggest advantage is our platform – everything from choosing a car, to preparing a rental contract to paying for the rental is electronic, making the experience hassle free in the real life – go, take the keys and start driving. After the rental we ask everyone to rate their experience (and the car, the renter and car owner) so you can see if you really get what we offer. And one more important thing – we believe that people are generally good (and we check every user, which registers on Autolevi platform), so we don’t ask any safety deposits.

Our team is very happy that already so many people have found Autolevi useful and we see this a great motivator to keep on working to grow even bigger and to make our platform even better!

You can check out Autolevi’s cars here.

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range

Electric cars has been a very hot topic during past couple of years. Governments all across the world are encouraging consumers to buy electrical cars by subsidising, offering funds etc.

How far can you get with an electrical cars nowadays?

Electrical vehicles has gone long way since their early days and several start-ups, as well as large automotive companies have finally made some very competitive cars and made electrical vehicles cool. But there are still some weak-points, one of the biggest being infrastructure. If you want to commute just to work and back within your city, that most probably will not be an issue. But for others, who want to make also some longer commutes, limited driving range of electrical vehicles could be a problem. Couple of European countries have already made quite decent networks of charging stations, but even if you live in that country, the odds are, that you might want to travel at least once outside it. So we have prepared a list of electrical vehicles, which will bring you the farthest.

10. Smart Electric Drive

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-10

Smart EV Is not the most desired car on the market, but with 110 km driving range it ranks number 10 in this list. More desirable this car is made by the fact, that this is the only electrical vehicle with a convertible option and remains the most affordable model for drivers who want to go green with the approximate price around 23 000 euros and very low exploitation costs.

9. Focus Electric

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-9

Ford Focus Electric can make it till 122 km with one charge, it is declared as one of the best electrical vehicles from the point of view of handling and is also quite affordable with price around 26 500 euros.

8. BMW i3

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-8

This BMW beauty can do 130 km with one charge and is one of the most efficient electrical cars. But for the beauty and quality you need to pay extra – you can get it for ~40 000 euros with base configuration and 56 000 euros for more luxurious version.

7. Chevy Spark EV

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-7

This Chevrolet will be excellent investment, because it can make 132km, which is just 2km more than BMW i3. In Efficiency this car follows BMW i3, but with a price around 25 000 euros you will get excellent value for the price.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-6

Also this Golf will be amongst most efficient electrical vehicles and will be able to make 1,5 km longer distance than Chevrolet Spark EV. This one you can get for approx. 38 000 euros, but this car has an advantage that this is built as a standard Volkswagen Golf, that is why it will be a perfect car for switching from gasoline to electrical car – driving experience will remain quite similar.

5. Nissan Leaf

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-5

This is not amongst the newest electrical car models, but when we talk about driving range (135 km), just couple of cars has managed to catch up with this one. Also it has one of the best prices – around 33 000 euros. The combination of both brings this car in top positions for most sold electrical vehicles. Some greener Taxify drivers have chosen this as their car – an excellent opportunity to check out this car more closer.

4. Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-4

As other German brothers, this Mercedes will be a bit more expensive. However, if compared with BMW i3 or e-Golf, this one will be a bit more powerful, but not so efficient.

3. Fiat 500e

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-3

This Fiat will be able to do already 140 km with one charge and this Italian design beauty is in one price category as Nissan Leaf.

2. Kia Soul EV

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-2

South Korean cars have come a long way (pun intended) in the past 10 years. This Korean can do almost 150 km on one charge, costs around 30 000 euros and you get 7 years warranty as a bonus. This might be one of the best deals for an electrical vehicle out there.

1. Tesla Model S 85D

Top 10 Electrical cars with best driving range-1

This iconic car doesn’t allow the competition to come even close. It can make almost triple distance (435 km) as its closest follower. But also the price will be at least 2 times higher than most of the cars in this list – around 80 000 euros (and VAT is not included). However, owners in the area reports a bit lower actual average distance – around 350 km, which anyway allows you to not worry about staying on the side of the road. Also this beauty you can experience, using Taxify application. Or you can check out a Tesla club in your area.

If you want to earn with your electrical or any other car, add your car to Autolevi.

8 things that influence the rental price of your car

It is often hard to be completely objective and determine the rental price for your car just as it should be. We tend to think about how expensive the repairs are, how much time and effort we have invested in it, how much it costs us, how much we spend on insurance, road tax, maintenance etc. Even more important than making stunning car photos (but don’t get me wrong, they are extremely important) is to determine the right price for your car. Very simple advice would be – please set a lower price for the first rentals and then you can increase it when you have your first rentals, feedback, 5 star ratings and good response time. If you want to explore the topic in more detail, please continue reading.

The demand determines the rental price of the car

8 things that influence the rental price of your carAll economists need to know these basic terms: demand, supply and equilibrium. The demand is the customer desire to buy, and the customers are ready to buy more for a lower price and less for a higher price. The supply is the desire of companies to sell, and companies are ready to sell more for a higher price. The point where the demand and supply meet is called equilibrium.

When determining the price of the car, the owners will want to set the highest possible price, while the renters – the lowest. The owners should set the price as close as possible to the equilibrium, setting it a little higher if they don’t wish to hire out the car too often and a little lower it they wish to rent it out as much as possible.

It is important to understand that it is not your opinion about your car or some car expenses that determines the price, the price of the car is set by the demand! The price is one of the main reasons as to why a specific car is being rented out or isn’t. If you have listed a car but aren’t receiving reservations, it is a signal that the rental price is too high and renters do not want to rent the car for such a price. If you receive so many reservations that you cannot rent out your car to everyone, the price might be too low and can be increased a little. And most importantly: remember that your earnings depend on two things: the price of your car and the number of rentals. By setting a lower price, you might actually earn more because your car is rented out more often.

8 things that influence the price of your car

The price of your car is mainly affected by these things:

1. Age of the car

The older the car, the lower the price. Time flies, so sometimes we forget that our car has just turned 10 or 15 years old. Every 5 years the price of car decreases significantly in car rentals. Cars that are less than 5 years old have a higher price, and it won’t differ so much because their age won’t be the decisive aspect. 5 to 10 years old cars have a lower price, and, in case they cost the same or even more than a 5 year old car, they won’t be rented out because renters can get a newer car for the same price. When cars are older than 10 years, the price are even lower, yet the fuel efficiency, engine and car type become more important. If the vehicle is older than 30 years and has reached retro status, the price starts to increase again, especially during the summer when there is a demand for such cars for weddings and other events.

2. Fuel consumption and engine type

Since the price of fuel is still relatively high, another important things is fuel consumption. If the renters can save on fuel by renting a slightly more expensive car, they will usually choose the car with a lower fuel consumption, so a lower fuel consumption might allow you to increase the price. Also, the engine type is important. Diesel engines are favored more than petrol engines, and cars running on LPG are even more complicated because some people avoid these cars, although they can reduce fuel expenses even more.

3. Car type

Minivans, spacious cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, convertibles and similar cars can have a higher price than regular cars.

4. Car brand and model

The brand and the model are also important. Although most cars are not affected by it, the opinions about some brands can influence the car price. Renters tend to be willing to pay more for German cars since they are believed to be more reliable, while Russian cars, as well as sometimes French and Korean cars are not always seen as trustworthy, so they might require a lower price. However, opinions differ, and each brand has its loyal users and also those who won’t drive it no matter what.

5. Time of the year

Car rental is a seasonal business, since the demand for rental cars surges in April and shrinks in September. If you increased the price during spring and summer, don’t forget to lower it once autumn comes.

6. Car photos

Many things are determined by marketing. If you want your car to be rented out, the car must look great in the photos. Luckily, we have summarised 6 easy tips for stunning photos in our blog! Read them and try it yourself. However, if that still doesn’t help, get in touch with us by writing to and we will help you find a photographer or will help you take photos ourselves!

7. Location

The competition in a certain area might also influence the price of the car. Since there are more cars available in Riga, the prices might be slightly lower because the renters will be able to choose from a wider variety of cars and find cheaper options. But keep in mind that the income level is higher in Riga, so even if the competition in your city is much lower, you need to set a reasonable price that the renters will be able to afford.

8. Insurance and other extras

You can set a higher price if your car has KASKO because it means that the renter takes a lower risk. If the car has any extras, list them in the car description. Extras usually don’t affect the price of the car, but they might help the renter to decide that your car is the right one for him.

Car price in the future

8 things that influence the rental price of your car-2Our team is currently working on a calculator that will suggest the most appropriate price for you car based on several factors, as well as help calculate car expenses and the possible income when renting out the car at a certain price.

While we are still working, we hope that this information will help you! You can also check other cars listed on Autolevi, their price and the number of rentals. In addition, we also suggest to check the price of similar cars in other car rentals, since you are competing not only with other cars on Autolevi, but with other car rentals as well. You can also read about the 10 most popular reasons why a car is rented out, since it might help understand why your car might be rented. Also, don’t forget to include Autolevi’s 25% commission fee in the price, since it used to advertise your car, do all the paperwork, do background checks of users and improve the service. If you have any questions, Autolevi team will be happy to answer them, so call +371 248 709 42 or write an email to .

Now go and add your car!

6 tips for stunning car photos

If you already know how to rent out your car on Autolevi and how Autolevi system works and have decided to add your vehicle on Autolevi, then making stunning car photos is the next step. Apart from the price, better photos will definitely attract the attention of the potential renter. The experience of Autolevi has shown that cars with better photos are rented more often. Together with the photographer Kristaps Mozgirs we have prepared 6 tips for taking photos that will attract more attention and (hopefully!) the next renter as well.

Follow these 6 steps:

1. Prepare the exterior

2. Prepare the interior

3. Choose the location

4. Choose the right weather

5. Choose the angle

6. Avoid post-processing

Prepare the exterior

This is definitely the first and most important step. If avoided, it can ruin not only the photos but also make the car look neglected. Usually, a simple car wash with wax is enough, but sometimes more might be needed. Do not forget about the windows! Clean windows make a huge difference. Renters tend to avoid ads with dirty cars because let’s be honest – who would like to drive a dirty car? Wash first, take pictures later.

Prepare the interior

Photos of the interior show the car looks from the inside, its equipment and the feeling that it has. A wide-angle lens will be useful for taking such photos. It does not matter if the photos are taken through an open door or from the rear seat. It is recommended to remove air fresheners and other bits and pieces from the rear-view mirror, as well as put the front seats in a similar and low position since it creates a nicer and wider view.

Choose the location

A secluded location will work just fine, be it a quieter road or a building or a wall with graffiti on it. Unless you want to hang the photo on your wall, avoid picturesque backgrounds like sunsets or the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. Trees and power lines can create shadows on the cars, so pay attention to that!

Choose the right weather

Professional photographers are able to get stunning photos during almost any time of the day. For the rest of us, it is advisable to choose the time of the day when the sun is not too bright and doesn’t create harsh shadows. Slightly overcast weather, as well as morning and evening light, is perfect for taking photos of cars.

Choose the angle

The best car photos happen when more than one angle of the car is visible in a single photo, and the so-called 3/4 angle is great for achieving this. Also, don’t be afraid to kneel and get below the usual focal point. If the camera allows it, try taking photos from a distance of more than 10 meters.

Avoid post-processing

Although it is common to use filters and other tools to improve the photos, it should be avoided. Covering up imperfections should also be avoided since the renter wants to see exactly what he will get.

Some examples taken by Kristaps:

6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-front-left6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-front6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-front-right6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-side-right6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-bck-left6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-back6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-open-doors6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-interior

If you find taking photos of your car yourself too difficult or time-consuming, make sure to get in touch with Kristaps –

Once the stunning photos are done, make sure to add the car to Autolevi!

It’s now easier to rent a car on Autolevi with the new rental calendar

Starting from August car owners on Autolevi can mark in the car calendar when exactly their car is not available for rental and receive the reservations only for those dates, when it is. For renters this of course means that it will be easier now to book and get the car – if it will not be available the dates will be red.

Calendar for renters

Its now easier to rent a car on Autolevi (2)

For renters there will be only 2 changes.

Firstly, in calendar in red will now be not only the dates when the car is already rented, but also the ones, which car owner has marked as unavailable for example on weekends;

Secondly, the calendar has gotten a face-lift and now it is more pleasant to look at it as well as to use it.

Calendar for car owners

For car owners we have done bigger changes and added a section where they can now manage car availability and see rentals. How it works?

Autolevi car rental calendar

1. Go to “Rental calendar” in your profile page

Car calendar will be visible under the button “Rental calendar”. If you haven’t uploaded your car on Autolevi yet, then please register and add your car in your profile pressing “Add car“.

2. Add unavailable weekdays

If the car is unavailable for example on all weekends, you can put that in the calendar by clicking the days of the week on which it is always unavailable.

3. Add specific dates

You can also add specific dates, for example if you go on the trip with the car or you just will not be able to meet the renter and give him the car. Click once to select the start date and once to choose the end date and press button “Add these dates”. The car will now show unavailable for these dates.

4. Manage your list

On the right side you will see the list of unavailable dates. If your plans are changing, you can always remove dates from the list and the car will be available again.

5. Keep the calendar updated

To improve the service, we must ask you – please, keep the calendar updated at all times. If you have forgotten to do that and you get a reservation, please, take the time and go to the car calendar after rejecting reservation and mark the dates, when the car is unavailable, so the renters can see that.

Please let us know what you think about the new calendar by dropping us a line in the email.

If you already have a car in Autolevi, please go now and fill in the rental calendar!

How do I choose a car rental for me?

One of our previous posts on how to use Autolevi inspired us to write a post about how to find a suitable rental car, as well as some details that are sometimes overlooked or forgotten, but need to be taken into consideration. We will also show you some useful filters that you can use when selecting rental cars on Autolevi.



The first and the most important factor of car rental is how much you are ready to pay for the car. Autolevi cars over a wide variety of prices, and it is possible to rent a car from 10 EUR per day. If you search for cars according to their price, the cars will be sorted starting from the lowest price.


When comparing renting a car and owning a car, the biggest advantage of renting a car is the ability to carefully consider the need for the car. Taking that into consideration, it will be easier to find the right car. For example, a van will be the best for transporting furniture, a nice, fast car will be the best for impressing your lady, an economic car will be the best for a weekend trip to a distant location and a larger vehicle with more seats and luggage space will be the right car for a holiday with the whole family.


There is no big use to book a car for a month if the car is up for short-term rental and vice versa – the car owner might not want to rent out the car for a day if it is available for rentals longer than a week. This is small difference from traditional car rentals, so please keep that in mind!


It will be the most convenient to look for car in the city that you will be using it. It is especially useful when planning a trip in a certain place because it can reduce the costs of the trip significantly.



If all the previous aspects have not helped to find the right car, choose the extras that seem the most important. Don’t forget to read the car description as well, because it might reveal some details that are good to know before the rental.

We also advise you to not try something for the first time with a rental car. If you have never used an automatic car or a car with a diesel engine, do not try it with a rental car or be extra careful!

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