Coronavirus and car sharing

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Autolevi has more than 30 000 users and over 2200 vehicles across Estonia, Latvia and Finland. This makes us the largest car sharing platform in the region. To help prevent coronavirus spreading amongst Autolevi’s car sharing community, we’d like to share with you the most important steps you can take to protect your health and that of closest to you. All recommendations can be found on the website of Estonia’s Health Board.

1. Wash hands frequently

Wash your hands properly with warm water and soap and do this more than usually. Antibacterial hand gels alone aren’t enough as they don’t kill viruses. Best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands under running water.

2. Cover your mouth when coughing

Cover your mouth when coughing and also your nose when sneezing to prevent spreading corona and other viruses impacting the respiratory system. Dispose of any used paper tissues right after blowing your nose. If you can, prefer using tissues made of recycled paper.

3. Spend time in fresh air 

Try to avoid crowded city spaces, where you could come in contact with people carrying viruses. Use your free time to hike in the nature! Spending time in the nature and in the fresh air is one of the best things you can do. Go for a walk in the forest, discover new tracks and breath fresh air. There are amazing nature spots all across of Estonia, many of them you probably haven’t even visited!

autolevi koroonaviirus

4. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces

If you rent an Autolevi car or are a car owner yourself, drop some hand wipes containing alcohol in your handbag. As a car owner, please wipe down frequently touched surfaces in your car between rentals, such as the steering wheel, gear changer, door handles. Make sure you use a disinfectant that also kills viruses.

5. Stay home if you’re ill

We urge everyone feeling symptoms of coronavirus listed on the website of the Health Board to stay home and avoid travelling. If you may be infected by the coronavirus and you need to cancel your Autolevi rental, please contact our customer support via

6. Follow news of Health Board

Coronavirus is impacting countries in different ways. Up-to-date news on Estonia can be found in the news section of Estonia’s Health Board. We can all give our two cents to help diminish the spread of the disease.

Autolevi’s team wishes everyone good health. Spend time in the nature and take care of yourself!


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Tips for delivering 5-star rentals

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Autolevi’s renters choose cars not only based on the vehicle’s features, but reading the reviews previous users have left, response rate and acceptance speed. Positive feedback brings more future clients and also brings your car in the first pages of Autolevi’s search engine’s results. What is the key to delivering 5-star rentals?

1. Add plenty of photos

Did you know that vehicles with six photos get three times as much as reservations as other cars? Choose photos, that show your car from the sides, front and back, the interior and also the inside of the trunk. The best time to take photos is on a sunny day and in a place where your car looks unique and beautiful. Go check out our tips for taking good photos of your car HERE.

Add as much as useful information the car’s profile as possible. The more details you provide, the more security you give a potential client, that a great car is available to them. Be honest when describing the vehicle – this will set true to life expectations and better odds for getting positive feedback after the rental.

2. Fast and smooth communication

When the renter has paid for their reservation, send them a message via Autolevi with information about when and how you’ll be handing over the car. It helps to add a few good words and thank them for choosing your car. Let them know that you’ll be bringing them a clean car with a filled gas tank.

Always respond to renter’s questions at your earliest convenience and do so during their entire trip – good communication results in a positive experience. Worries and questions could come up and the renter will appreciate your wish to solve problems quickly. At the end of the day, they will remember fast solutions, not the problem itself.

3. Every little accessory helps

An extra comfortable ride brings maximum number of stars afterwards. Get a mobile device mount, so that it is easy to follow road directions on your phone, a USB cable for charging phone’s battery and why not a package of wet wipes – smart investment for getting back a clean car as well.

Autolevi’s most popular car owners have provided their clients with things like an umbrella, collection of CD-s and a cosy picnic blanket. One of the most positive reviews on Autolevi’s platform was born thanks to a first aid kit in the car. Always add as many features on your profile as possible.

4. Clean and steady car

You have probably noticed, that your car looks a few good years younger, when it has been freshly cleaned. Renters know how to appreciate a clean car. Wash your car before the rental, keep the interior tidy and clean the floor mats. Hand over the car with a full gas tank and communicate that you expect the car back in the same condition.

Make sure that things are running smoothly under the hood and do a regular check-up of your vehicle. Do not hesitate to ask for feedback from your renters –  it will be easier to keep track of any problems faster. Even if a certain particularity of the car does not interfere with the ride, inform your renter – they will know what to expect and won’t get any negative surprises.

5. Commitment

Commitment and wish to deliver a great experience – just like you would expect when renting a car – are the cornerstones of a great experience. Keep your rental calendar up-to-date to avoid any last-minute cancellations.

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Are pets allowed in an Autolevi car?

Pets in a rental car? No worries! You can easily filter cars from our search engine to see all the cars where well-behaved dogs and other pets are allowed.


On Autolevi’s platform each car owner can choose on their car profile if four-legged friends are also welcome in their vehicle. Our team loves pets and we’re happy to see more and more cars that don’t mind your dog or cat and sometimes even offer a transportation box for your furry buddy.

Always keep in mind that the safety of your pet in the car is as important as your own. Make sure it is kept securely in the vehicle and has a comfortable ride to your destination. Use a transportation box that is the right size for your pet or attach it with a special seat belt or safety harness.

Treat your Autolevi car as your own, protect the car seats or clean them from pet hair and give back the car in the same condition as you got it.

Finding pet-friendly Autolevi cars is easy thanks to our search engine. Go on the “Search cars” page, choose your area, dates and other preferences and under the “Accesories” tick the “Pets allowed” box.

In the search results you’ll see all the vehicle that respond to your expectations and where pets are allowed. Dogs, cats and different exotic creatures have already travelled in Autolevi’s cars, mini vans and other types of vehicles. Take your pick and have fun travelling!

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7 roadtrip playlists for every mood


If you’re a Spotify user, you know that one of its best features are playlists from different genres and for every mood. Bonus: many of them are regularly updated, so you can keep discovering new music you love. Without further ado, here are 7 Spotify playlists that we at Autolevi believe are perfect for long-distance drives!


1. The modern one.

Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Bruno Mars – you know the drill. Perfect mood to keep you going guaranteed.

2. Hooked on a Feeling – record breaking Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack 

It’s a never ending debate, if the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 or Awesome Mix 2 is better (we like the first one), but here’s a playlist that combines them both.

The playlist includes tunes mostly from the 70s – David Bowie, the Runaways and the Jackson 5 all make appearances, complemented by tracks from lesser known acts like the Raspberries (“Go All the Way”) and Blue Swede (“Hooked on a Feeling”). Pretty awesome indeed!

3. Rock and roll music nerd’s dream

The soundtrack to the car-chase rock and roll infused film Baby Driver is a music nerd’s dream and we like it! Set your gears for revved-up 70s rock classics by the likes of Queen and Golden Earring, but the Baby Driver soundtrack also offers cuts of various styles and vintage from Beck, Brubeck, Barry White, the Beach Boys, and soul duo Bob and Earl.

4. Rap Caviar

Rap Caviar is the most popular rap playlist on Spotify, and for good reason— the team behind the legendary playlist is committed to delivering the best rap music experience on the platform. The playlist is updated weekly with the newest music.

5. Camping playlist

It just so happens that a very-close-to-perfection camping playlist exists on Spotify. Starting off the first chords you’ll feel like chilling by a bonfire with a nightsky view over mountains and treetops. Music that will send shivers down your spine!

6. Are & Be

Wish to feel the beat of new releases and hits from your favorite R&B artists – go check out Are & Be! Updated weekly, so it’s always fresh and features artists like Solange, Rihanna, John Legend, Frank Ocean and many others.

7. It is isn’t a roadtrip without some Pulp Fiction

It’s a fact. Not sure, if any further explanation is needed, the mixture of surf, soul and shit-talking that Quentin Tarantino assembled for the Pulp Fiction‘s soundtrack played out like one of the world’s coolest mixtapes, which made it an instant classic when it came out. Let’s hit it!


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Instagram contest: Drive any car for free

Autolevi Instagram campaign winany car for free

Instagram contest: Win a free car for 100€ !

Imagine a world, where you step out of your home and all you see around are possibilities. See that Pontiac Firebird of 1969? Or that Volkswagen van, perfect for a roadtrip? A spacious Citroën Berlingo just in time for when you need to move apartment? Any car you see, is yours to use.
This scenario is not so far from reality, as one might think. For a whole month, we invite you to dream with us! The idea is simple and comes with a prize.

1.You spot a car that you’d like to drive in – take a photo of it and upload it to Instagram with hashtags #autolevi and #instacontest.
2. Check that you are a registrated user at Autolevi platform.
3. That’s it – you are taking part of the Instagram contest to win a free car for 100€ worth! Any car you want, any moment you need it, as a winner of the contest you will have the choice to book it!

Don’t forget – by participating in this contest, you give your contribution to making our environment cleaner. Research has shown that every shared car will take off 15 cars from the streets. Do good and take a chance to ride any stunning car you wish!

Contest: 21 June – 21 July

Prize: Car rental of up to 100 € from Autolevi platform. Car selection and time period upon the choice of the winner. Prize is valid until 21 July 2017 and can be used in any of the three countries on Autolevi’s platform: in Estonia, Latvia or Finland.

Winner: The winner of the campaign will be selected by a random generator, so we will leave it up to good karma to do the choice.

Submission: Multiple entry per person is allowed. To be able to take part in the campaign, you must be a registred user of Autolevi.