Autolevi’s new insurance coverage


We are stoked to announce that we have launched Autolevi’s insurance in collaboration with If Insurance. The new casco insurance is the only one in Estonia, that covers damages for peer-to-peer car sharing.

Autolevi’s insurance applies to all cars, minibuses and vans rented via the Autolevi platform. It also covers damage inflicted from collision with wild animals, which many insurance providers choose not to cover.

The new insurance has a number of advantages for car owners and renters. Autolevi’s insurance provides a sense of safety, because in case of any accident, the rental experience can be positive and you will be protected from unforeseen expenses. The insurance is seamlessly applied and all of the required documents will be automatically filled for you by Autolevi’s web platform.


How does Autolevi’s insurance work?

The rental procedure remains the same for both the renter and the owner of the car. When you have paid for your rental booking, your casco insurance policy will be generated automatically. The new insurance is valid from the moment the car owner hands over the keys until the car is returned in good time.

There are three options for insuring your car. The renter can choose an insurance cost either 3 eur per day (with up to a 1000 € deductible) or a 5 € per day (with up to a 500€ deductible). If the vehicle is older than 20 years, the insurance daily cost is 0 € and deductible up to 1000 €.

In case the cost of the damages are less than the deductible amount, only the cost of the damages has to be compensated and there is no need to pay the entire deductible amount.

The insurance policy is sent to the renter’s e-mail the next morning after the payment has been made for the booking. You do not have to print out the insurance policy, nor the Autolevi rental agreement. Both are available online.

We kindly ask you to take photographs, or even better – record a video of the vehicle before and after the rental. Photos and videos help resolve any possible disputes afterwards.

Good to know

Autolevi’s insurance is a casco insurance. All Autolevi’s car owners are still obliged to have a valid traffic insurance.

Autolevi’s insurance covers all cars rented on Autolevi’s web platform except for motorcycles and trailers, for which deductible applies up to the extent of the inflicted damage.

For cars more than 20 years old, there is no daily insurance price and a 1000 euro deductible applies.

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How to get more views and rentals for you car?

autolevi car sharing

It’s essential to keep your car’s profile up-to-date. It’s even more relevant in the summer and holiday period because the demand for vehicles is higher. Here are some useful tips to get more rentals!

Keep your rental calendar up to date

If you, as a car owner, are aware that there will be days when it is not possible to rent a car, write it down in your car rental calendar right away. The renter will also immediately see that he cannot book the vehicle but will rent it at a more convenient time for you if he is interested. This reduces empty bookings and shows the car owner’s diligence. You can find the rental calendar right under your profile next to the vehicle.

Mark the maximum and minimum rental length

We have noticed that many car owners write additional information on the minimum rental length. In fact, it can also be noted under the car profile in the vehicle calendar so you can keep the additional information box for extra important things. This makes the environment more comfortable for both renters and car owners, as the renter can be confident that the vehicle he or she is searching for will meet his or her desires and car owners should not be given too short or long rentals if they do not wish to. This can be done in the section below the rental calendar.

Mark the minimum notice time between booking and rental

If you think the two hours notice between booking and rental is low, then there is no problem to raise it. Under car settings, you can mark it for 3 hours or even 23 hours. Then you will not have unexpected bookings, and with the right time for notice, you will be able to clean your car and have it delivered to the right location if needed.

Set car availability

As you can see from the picture above, there are even more choices. If you feel 24/7 availability is too much, you can change it too. If you think you can only rent your car on weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm, mark those times and avoid empty bookings for other times. This will save you and your renter time.

Please check your contact information

The response rate is one of the most important factors for a car owner on how to get the most rent. We recommend that you use the mobile phone number and email address you use most to spot reservations immediately. A good response rate is convenient for both renters and statistics. You can do it HERE.

Set alerts

Please check your profile for any notifications you receive about bookings. You can choose SMS or e-mail, but you can mark both if necessary. You can do it HERE.

Mark the actual location

If you are planning to have a vacation in Pärnu instead of Tallinn but take your car with you, change the location of the vehicle. This is a great way to rent a car while away from your hometown and you can cover some travel expenses. You can change the car’s location from the vehicle’s profile.

Beautiful pictures according to the season

The first thing the renter will notice about the car is its appearance and pictures. That’s why we always emphasize that beautiful, up-to-date images are important for the renter to see the vehicle as it really is, from every angle. In addition, the pictures could be changed according to the season, for example, in the summer period, we do not recommend leaving winter pictures in the car, as this indicates that the profile has not been updated for a long time.

Update vehicle information

Have you bought a trolley hook or cruise control for your car? Always mark it on your profile! You can do this for your cars under the “details” section. You can tick both new accessories and write down the details of your car.


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What you should check on your car before fall?

What you should check on your car before fall? Night frosts are here and road conditions can change every minute. As a car owner, yourself can be prepared for this, but if your car is not then you might be in trouble. Here are some points to follow for the upcoming fall.


Get ready early

First, have your car inspected by a workshop or a dealership to ensure that the car doesn’t have critical faults that could unexpectedly occur. For example, have the engine and all the oils checked. Also, keep an eye on the time of the technical inspection so you don’t miss it.


Even though it is a few months early for you to switch to winter tires, you can also first check your current tires to see if they meet the requirements. When driving with summer tires, the tire must have a minimum tire depth of 1.6 millimeters and shouldn’t be older than ten years old. The tire release date can be found based on the numbers on the side of the tire. For example, code 192018 means that the tire was manufactured in week 19, 2018. Also, take a look at your current winter tires to avoid bad surprises during a tire change. In the case of snow tires, the residual depth shall be at least three millimeters and the age of the tire should not exceed five years. If you find that you have problems with your winter tires, then start looking for new ones right away.

Read more about choosing tires here.

Windshield wipers

Be sure to change your windshield wipers if the morning dewdrops don’t just want to disappear from the windshield or leave long distorting streaks. The poor condition of wipers can cause dangerous moments in rain with poor visibility. Windshield wipers should also go hand-in-hand with wiper fluid, which you should check for, and be sure to keep in mind that the wiper fluid also has a summer and winter option.

Head- and taillights

From time to time, let your passenger or a friend see if your car’s headlights and taillights are on and working. In addition, see if the glass of the lights is clear enough, as you will be in a worse position when driving at night or when it is dim, and may also distract other road users. If necessary, have the lights replaced or polished again to shine and clear.


Remind yourself when was the last battery change and whether it has left you on the road recently. Some batteries are labeled with the date they were purchased. Find out, if your car maybe needs a new battery to run on and it won’t leave you on the road.


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What to do when you get pulled over by the police

You are driving on a highway, when suddenly your attention is caught by police sirens. All at once you are overwhelmed with emotions…

Politsei peatamismärguanne võib ehmatada

The sound of a police siren makes your skin crawl even if you know everything is OK.

Sounds familiar?

There are two possible case scenarios after the police has pulled you over. Firstly, the officer just checks your documents and lets you go. Secondly the policemen asks you to take a seat at the back of their car.

If the police officer orders you to come with him

Probably you have violated the highway code and you should go to the police car. The police officer is obliged to tell you about your rights. This means that a copy of your rights should be handed over to you for signing.

If the police fail to “read his/her rights” it is considered as violating the procedure

By law you are entitled to require the police officer to explain your rights. The police officer is obliged to explain everything in a simple language.

The back seat of a police car can be avoided

If you think you have been pulled over for no reason then take your time to explain.

Just tell the story through your eyes by bringing out how and why the situation occurred.

If the policemen is convinced that no violation has occurred then no further action will be taken.

🗣Read: obviously if the police has nothing to cling to, then there is no point in making it “official” and spend state resources.

Although not in every case such an explanation is effective and the police may conduct misdemeanor proceeding. In this case the policemen must prove that you have committed a traffic offence (eg. speeding, driving at a junction with a traffic light, talking with the phone while driving, driving without using seat belts, etc.)

However you have the rights to refute the claims of the conductor.

One of the many possibilities to refute the claims of a conductor is to use witnesses.

How to use witnesses to prove your innocence?

If you are accompanied by someone who sees the disputed situation then you can claim for his/her questioning as a witness. That said, the police officer is obliged to arrange interrogation. It is important that the witness stays true to her/his statement if she or her saw something different.

From time to time it may happen that there are no witnesses. In that case the police officer has to witness himself and you will be able to interview him/herself. But most likely you are not an experienced interrogator who have the skills to find out everything important so, how is it possible?

Remember to ask very detailed questions!

Firstly, find out exactly what he saw and perceived. Let him/her describe your exact appearance, behaviour and actions. In general, it is possible to find out by the means of details whether the police officer saw things correctly or not.

For example, a police officer might think that he/her saw you driving with white sweater and unfastened seatbelt. In matter of fact you were dressed all black. This refers that the police officer is mistaken. These kinds of situations may occur during the police raids. During the raids the police officer conducting the procedure may not be the officer, who detected the violation.


Politsei kuulab sind kohtus üle
Source of the picture

Sometimes things can get very messy and needs to be taken to court.

When things get to court…

The court has an obligation to investigate a misdemeanor matter. Example given,  if a person subject to proceedings brings to the court facts which he has not proved, the court must examine those facts.

Thus, a complaint lodged with a county court may refer to circumstances which the police did not take their decision into account.

If the police officer makes a decision in a misdemeanor case that takes away “driving licenses” for a certain period of time, in the event of a traffic violation, then it is worth considering whether to challenge that decision in the county court or not.

If an official has not made a mistake in making a decision and the court maintains the decision, then it is a descision that court has entered to force and has been enforced.If you still decide to drive a car after your driver’s license has been taken away, then you are committing a crime that is considered to be extra punishment. In this case you may be sentenced with a fine or one year in a prison.

However, if you still decide not to appeal the decision and you still drive during the time your drivers license is taken away then it can’t be penalized because the decision of a police officer (out-of-court body) is not a court decision.

🙌 In general, Autolevi recommends to work with the police to maximum and understand that they are doing their job in the best faith to ensure a safe and secure traffic environment for all of us! More tips for a safe journey, find here!🙌





TOP 3 most breathtaking destinations in Estonia

Finally there is a slight hope that at the end of this week summer will arrive to Estonia. If you still have no plans then grab from excellent opportunity of visiting breathtaking places in Estonia.

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) has put together an exciting list of places where you should go! It doesn’t matter if you escape from routine or just look for a place to hide for a weekend- rent a suitable car and find the most beautiful places in Estonia!

Autolevi team picked out 3 most exciting places to visit


  1. Otepää is definitely a place

    where you should spare some time,
    because there are lots of activities –
    an adventure park, canoe trip, a golf center,
    a wakepark, ski jumping, and much more.

Adventure Park is a place you can easily spend a whole day experiencing real thrills! Whether you get your shot of adrenaline on the various climbing tracks, the 350 m flight above the valley of the fort, or by catapulting yourself up to 20 m high in the air, there is an opportunity for every thrill seeker.


  1. Panga cliff and recreation area in Saaremaa
    is the highest bedrock outcrop in western
    Estonia and its islands.
    Its maximum height is 21.3 metres
    and it runs for about 2.5 km. Visitors of the nature reserve can
    admire a breath-taking sunset,
    have a picnic, observe birds,
    take beautiful nature photos, and have fun on the village swing. There is also a dolomite sundial.
  2. Sooma nationalparksdistinctive feature is
    its diverse nature, a unique suspension bridge,
    distinctive skiff culture, and five seasons have made
    it a very popular destination. The most popular sights
    in the national park are the Riisa and Kuuraniidu nature
    study trails, the Ingatsi boardwalk leading to the height of 8 metres on the highest bog in Europe, as well as watchtowers, and suspension bridges.

To get the real experince of Soomaa take part of hiking on foot or a canoe! You can find the whole list of beautiful places in Estonia on Puhka Eesti website:

Enjoy the Estonian summer!

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How do speedtraps work and how is the violation proceed?

Speedcameras in Finland. Source:  

There are a total of some 955 speedtrap boxes on the roads and highways of Finland, but only 120 of them are equipped with cameras at time, according to Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. Speed cameras are useful tools to catch the drivers speeding automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The greatest benefit is that no policeman needs to stand by the road to detect speeding.

The Countries with the Most speedtraps per km²

How do speedtrap work?

Speedtrap fixes the speed of all passing vehicles. If the driver exceeds the posted speed limit a digital picture of the vehicle and the driver is taken. The camera can take photos also in the night time. To prevent the flash dazzling the driver a flash with a red filter is use. The red flash is visible to the driver and and also signals that the speeding is fixed.

Although each flash doesn’t automatically mean speeding. To put it differently if you drive within the permitted speed range and you see a flash from the speed camera it may also mean that the camera is turning on and off. This is done three times a day.

What are the speed limits when a violation is proceed?

To point out, in Finland speeding fines are linked to income, with penalties calculated on daily earnings. This means that high earners get hit with bigger penalties for breaking the law.

2 interesting facts: 1) Reima Kuisla, a Finnish businessman, was caught doing 103km/h in an area where the speed limit is 80km/h, authorities turned to his 2013 tax return, the Iltalehti newspaper reports. He earned 6.5m euros that year, so was told to hand over 54,000 euros(!!!)1

                 GIF Source

2) In 2002, an executive at Nokia was slapped with a 116,000-euro fine (!!!) for speeding on his Harley Davidson motorbike. His penalty was based on a salary of 14m euros.1

So spending can be a costly business for wealthy Finns…

In fact, the speed limits in Finland are higher than in Sweden and Norway and motor roads have a max speed of 120 km/h. In general the common speed limits outside urban areas are 100 km/h. Speeds are often reduced during winter (october-april). 2


What happens after the speed camera has captured you speeding?

As a matter of fact, an automated speed camera in comparison to speed measurements by a police patrol include efficiency. Indeed thanks to the camera, there is no need for a police officer to stop the car after speeding was detected.

When incident of speeding was recorded by an automated speed camera a fine notice is generally signed in a digital format.

The fine must be paid or disputed within 30 days.

What if I get a traffic fine in a rental car?

First of all, it is important to notice the car owner or the company you rented the car from what has happened.  In case you do get a ticket on your hire car, it’s worth paying it swiftly, because you’re likely to pay extra fees if the authorities contact the car hire company about an unpaid ticket. 4

To dispute a fine, contact the traffic authority that issued it. You should find the contact details on the fine notification. 4

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