6 tips for stunning car photos

If you already know how to rent out your car on Autolevi and how Autolevi system works and have decided to add your vehicle on Autolevi, then making stunning car photos is the next step. Apart from the price, better photos will definitely attract the attention of the potential renter. The experience of Autolevi has shown that cars with better photos are rented more often. Together with the photographer Kristaps Mozgirs we have prepared 6 tips for taking photos that will attract more attention and (hopefully!) the next renter as well.

Follow these 6 steps:

1. Prepare the exterior

2. Prepare the interior

3. Choose the location

4. Choose the right weather

5. Choose the angle

6. Avoid post-processing

Prepare the exterior

This is definitely the first and most important step. If avoided, it can ruin not only the photos but also make the car look neglected. Usually, a simple car wash with wax is enough, but sometimes more might be needed. Do not forget about the windows! Clean windows make a huge difference. Renters tend to avoid ads with dirty cars because let’s be honest – who would like to drive a dirty car? Wash first, take pictures later.

Prepare the interior

Photos of the interior show the car looks from the inside, its equipment and the feeling that it has. A wide-angle lens will be useful for taking such photos. It does not matter if the photos are taken through an open door or from the rear seat. It is recommended to remove air fresheners and other bits and pieces from the rear-view mirror, as well as put the front seats in a similar and low position since it creates a nicer and wider view.

Choose the location

A secluded location will work just fine, be it a quieter road or a building or a wall with graffiti on it. Unless you want to hang the photo on your wall, avoid picturesque backgrounds like sunsets or the vibrant colors of autumn leaves. Trees and power lines can create shadows on the cars, so pay attention to that!

Choose the right weather

Professional photographers are able to get stunning photos during almost any time of the day. For the rest of us, it is advisable to choose the time of the day when the sun is not too bright and doesn’t create harsh shadows. Slightly overcast weather, as well as morning and evening light, is perfect for taking photos of cars.

Choose the angle

The best car photos happen when more than one angle of the car is visible in a single photo, and the so-called 3/4 angle is great for achieving this. Also, don’t be afraid to kneel and get below the usual focal point. If the camera allows it, try taking photos from a distance of more than 10 meters.

Avoid post-processing

Although it is common to use filters and other tools to improve the photos, it should be avoided. Covering up imperfections should also be avoided since the renter wants to see exactly what he will get.

Some examples taken by Kristaps:

6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-front-left6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-front6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-front-right6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-side-right6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-bck-left6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-back6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-open-doors6 tips for stunning car photos-Autolevi-peer-to-peer-car-rental-interior

If you find taking photos of your car yourself too difficult or time-consuming, make sure to get in touch with Kristaps – http://kristapsmozgirs.lv

Once the stunning photos are done, make sure to add the car to Autolevi!

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